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Many of Seattle's business, civic and cultural leaders have graduated from Roosevelt, establishing a notable legacy and reputation for excellence. To ensure this legacy continues with future generations of Rough Riders, it is important that we plan now for student and program needs that are specific to our school community.         

We invite create community members and alumni to reconnect with the school and to give financial support so we can ensure its continued success as a premier public high school in Seattle.                           

Our goal is a Roosevelt High School Foundation endowment fund, administered by a panel of alumni, parents, teachers, and staff, organized under the auspices of the Roosevelt High School Foundation.                          

The possibilities for enhancing the educational opportunities and resources at Roosevelt are endless. Building this fund now not only enriches the school and community, but also creates a legacy for excellence that outlasts any individual program, administration, or plan.

Mission Statement
The Roosevelt High School Foundation, including staff, alumni, parents and neighbors, believe in the right of all students to a quality, personalized, public education that promotes academic excellence and helps students build the necessary skills, knowledge and self-esteem to become successful life-long learners and productive citizens.                                      

The Foundation Board is committed to providing resources to support the academic, athletic, extracurricular and enrichment needs of all students enrolled at Roosevelt High School.
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Pam Eshelman 
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Roosevelt High School Foundation Programs

Through the generosity of many, the RHSF has awarded over $200,000 in grants to current RHS programs!

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Public education is at a critical juncture. Roosevelt is facing increasing competition from private schools, faith-based schools, and other public high schools. While we may assume that local, state and federal funding provided for the needs of all public school students, the reality is that public dollars are simply inadequate. They continue to decrease year after year.


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