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Save Habitat And Diversity Of Wetlands (SHADOW) was founded through a grassroots effort to preserve one of the few remaining intact peat bogs in King County --  5,000 year-old Shadow Lake Bog -- and has since put nearly 100 acres of ecologically unique habitat under protection. SHADOW partners with local organizations to provide educational and recreational opportunities to the community, and to conduct projects in wetland and forest restoration.

Mission Statement
SHADOW’s mission is to ensure the sustainability of Shadow Lake Bog and other unique habitats within Jenkins Creek Basin through environmental education, preservation, and restoration.
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Save Habitat And Diversity Of Wetlands Programs

SHADOW offers educational tours and field trips to the general public, as well as volunteer training in succession forestry, guest speakers and educational events for homeschools and school groups. By demonstrating the environmental and educational value of Shadow Lake Bog to its visitors, SHADOW aims to inspire visitors to participate in the stewardship of their own properties, neighborhoods and watershed.

SHADOW works to restore the health of the watershed through the proactive stewardship of the properties under protection. SHADOW has made substantial progress in revegetation, hydrological restoration, invasive species eradication and landfill removal.

SHADOW promotes the preservation of environmentally sensitive land through collaboration with local government agencies, individuals and organizations involved in environmental conservation, education, research and restoration. Future programs aim to provide opportunities for land conservation to offset environmental implications of urban development in King County.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Beginning in Fall of 2009, Tahoma School District integrated Shadow Lake Bog as part of the 4th grade curriculum in Sustainability. Through these field trips and other direct learning opportunities, over 2000 students, parents, teachers and visitors experience the value of environmental stewardship each year.

In January 2011, SHADOW completed a stream barrier removal and constructed a bridge in its place which provides safe passage for education and restoration activities.

In June 2011, SHADOW launched an Outdoor Preschool program, which helps local children and families use nature as a guiding lesson plan.

In March 2012, SHADOW completed the Outdoor Education curriculum, which utilizes the Coyote Mentoring method to engage young children and their families in hands-on activities to share inquiry-based tools for learning and teaching.

In 2014, SHADOW was able to successfully place additional properties under protection slated for development in southeast King County. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve now protects nearly 100 acres in perpuity, thanks to our partnership with local King County entities. We also launched a Plant Propagation program with the completion of a native plant green house.

In February 2015, SHADOW conducted a community stakeholder survey to learn how to best meet the needs of vibrant and multicultural southeast King County. Findings suggested that the community would like more opportunities to participate in subsidized education programs. As recently as April 2015, SHADOW has been working to realign and restructure its programmatic offerings to serve a wider and more diverse audience. 

SHADOW hopes to expand its continued preservation & restoration of unique habitat in southeast King County by purchasing additional parcels that adjoin the Nature Preserve; as well as expand our capacity for programs and reach. An estimated $10,000 is needed to fund the suggested infrastructural expansion for us to accomodate larger audiences and share this special place with our community.


Save Habitat And Diversity Of Wetlands (SHADOW) was founded to preserve one of the few remaining intact peat bogs in King County, and has since put over 90 acres of ecologically unique habitat under protection.

Best Practices
SHADOW provides educational programs that are connected to the Tahoma School District. The educational curriculum designed by SHADOW promotes hands-on conservation science. The organization is also engaging southeast King County residents in land conservation and education programs.

Broad funding for land acquisition has enabled SHADOW to grow their acreage from 18 acres to 90 acres of protected bog wetland.

SHADOW has a growing volunteer base from local schools and businesses. It has also been very successful in building relationships with land acquisition funders and with the Cascade Land Conservancy as part of its Cascade Agenda work.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

6/26/2008 $5,000.00support general operating expenses.


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