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The Seattle Genealogical Society (SGS), founded in 1923, is an educational organization devoted exclusively to furthering genealogical research, promoting interest in family history, and preserving records. SGS serves as a community resource for quality genealogical research and education. We do this by conducting meetings, offering classes and seminars, compiling and publishing research materials, and maintaining a computer-equipped, 14,000-item library open to the public for researching family history.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Seattle Genealogical Society is to provide educational opportunities and to collect, preserve, and make available quality genealogical resources for family history research.

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Seattle Genealogical Society Programs

The Seattle Genealogical Society maintains a research library that is open to the public 30 hours per week, offering reference materials and support for anyone researching their family history.

SGS sponsors two all-day seminars each year and numerous presentations to help researchers find their ancestors. Approximately one-third of our seminar attendees are non-members.

For over 60 years, SGS has published the Bulletin, containing record transcriptions, family histories, biographies, and articles related to the historic or geographic context of our ancestors’ lives. The Bulletin is sent to SGS members throughout the U.S., as well as to major genealogy libraries, the Library of Congress, and exchanged with other genealogical and historical societies in the U.S. and Canada.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

SGS is working on a major project to recreate the 1890 Census of Seattle. Since the 1890 federal census was destroyed, we are using a multitude of other records to determine who was living within Seattle's current city limits at that time. So far we've completed transcribing the 1889 Washington Territorial Census and are working on the 1891 Seattle City Directory. Students from the UW Geography Department are helping us create 1890 digital maps to link to our data.

The Society's greatest need is a larger space for our library and meetings. We have no space for new library materials, but continue to receive hundreds of donated books each year. We have numerous boxes of archival material that need to be indexed and appropriately preserved, but have no space to do this. Our meeting space is much too small and parking is totally inadequate in our current space. Unfortunately, we can't afford to pay much more than our current rent. We need help to find a new, more appropriate space.


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