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The need SGC fills and the main role it serves is to offer adult amateur singers opportunities to engage in lifelong learning and sing in a traditional or jazz choir, develop vocal skills, perform for audiences & engage & support the broader community through the vehicle of choral music. We also feel it's important to make music accessible to whomever wants to enjoy it, so we offer several concerts per yr for free and others at very low cost with additional discounts for seniors and youth.    

Mission Statement
SGC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing vocal music development opportunities to adult amateur singers with varying degrees of skill. We encourage the exploration, understanding and performance of traditional choral and jazz vocal music through our 2 choirs—Seattle Metropolitan Glee Club (women’s choir) and Offbeats Vocal Jazz Ensemble. We strive to foster an appreciation of choral music and to demonstrate to our audiences the meaningful role music can play in the lives of busy adults for whom music is not a primary occupation.   
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Paula Kildal 
President, Board of Directors 


Seattle Glee Clubs Programs

The Met and the Offbeats are SGC's two programs. They are both open to adults who want to participate in a choral experience. Both require auditions, but the Met requires only a basic level of skill, so anyone who can reasonably carry a tune can join. The Offbeats' music is more challenging, so the skill level required to join is more advanced. But both choirs meet our most fundamental goal of offering adults the opportunity to develop their musical knowledge and vocal skills. Our two programs make this available both to basic and more advanced singers.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

A recent success was the Offbeats concert at Boxley's blues and jazz club in North Bend. It was free, so anyone in this somewhat underserved community could attend. Offbeats presented a range of jazz styles, including swing, bebop, Latin and contemporary. The audience enjoyed it immensely and gave the group the most glowing reviews to date. It was well attended. It met the goals of presenting vocal jazz & making it accessible to an audience that might not otherwise have been exposed to this type of music--or realized how joyful and entertaining this form of jazz can be.

One current need is that the computer SGC uses for record keeping is dying. We desperately need a new one! 


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