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We are the charitable arm of the Seattle-King County Dental Society, a professional membership organization based in King County.  We fund programs that provide dental care to the under- and uninsured population who cannot easily obtain care.  We work closely with the Dental Society to provide volunteers to work on those programs that we fund.  We work closely with our partners to leverage our financial and professional resources to provide dental treatment to those with the least access.  Our primary focus is the adults in King County who lack dental insurance (over 60% of the population) and/or the resources to pay for them (low income)

Mission Statement
The Seattle-King County Dental Foundation is dedicated to proactively eliminating dental infection and pain in the King County population that lacks resources and/or access to dental care.  We do this by: advocating and facilitating access for the underserved; increasing awareness of and resources for new & existing programs; partnering with others who can help; and, demonstrating responsible use of our resources to our donors.
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Seattle-King County Dental Foundation
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Jennifer Freimund 
Executive Director 


Seattle-King County Dental Foundation Programs

A free dental program that treats kidney dialysis patients who need to be infection free (including oral infection) before becoming eligible for transplant.

A free dental clinic offering complex extractions and oral surgery for patients referred from the dental safety net clinics that has treated 570 patients, extracted almost 2,200 teeth and give over $730,000 in donated care in its first year of operation.

We also fund supplies for the Medical Team International Dental vans, equipment for the PROVAIL dental clinic that treats adults with significant disabilities and helped fund the building of the new Neighborcare Rainier Beach Dental Clinic.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The complex extraction dental clinic at Swedish Hospital is our most recent success.  Partnering with 4 other non-profits, we offer free oral surgery for the most vulnerable among us.  These are patients that the community dental safety net clinics cannot treat.

The draconian cuts to adult dental funding in King County mean there are fewer resources for the un- and under-insured.  We need funding for supplies for free dental treatment.  We will provide the volunteer dentists through our Society.  We also partner with other dental service providers to ensure resources are leveraged effectively.


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