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The Foundation recognizes that the Seattle Police Department(SPD), with more than 90% of its annual budget going to support personnel costs, has very little flexibility to seed new programs and encourage innovation. The role of the Foundation is not to displace funding for basic law enforcement, nor to reduce in any way the responsibility of the City of Seattle to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services; however as modern law enforcement tasks continue to become more complex, the SPD has increasing needs to stay current in training, technology and equipment, and communication and partnership efforts with the community.  
Mission Statement
The mission of the Seattle Police Foundation is to raise support and awareness for the Seattle Police Department.     

To promote public safety by supporting and providing resources for the professional development of Seattle Police Department employees and creating community partnerships that encourage citizen participation in enhancing the safety of Seattle.
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Seattle Police Foundation Programs

The Foundation utilizes the generous contributions of our fellow citizens and funding partners to enhance the SPD’s efforts in three vital areas:
  • Community Partnerships-Programs that enhance relationships between the community and the SPDEmployee Development-Advanced training and employee recognition programs
  • Police Service Enhancements-Cutting-edge and specialized equipment and technology
  • By supporting innovative projects in these funding areas, the SPD is able to launch innovative and experimental projects that further their ability to meet Seattle’s public safety needs.
The IF Project 
This project started with a Question, “If there was something someone could have said or done that would have changed the path that led you here, what would it have been?”

Detective Kim Bogucki posed this question to a group of prisoners at the Washington Correction Center for Women. Initially, it was just posed randomly to the group and inspired some discussion. On her next visit to WCCW, Detective Bogucki was surprised to find this question had incited great inspiration with one inmate, Renata Abramson. Renata had taken it upon herself to share this question with her fellow prisoners.

She asked them to take time, really consider the question and write down what they felt. The question had sparked something in them. Not just a desire to search themselves to find what could have changed their own lives, but a larger desire to impart this information to help others. Through them, we search for answers as to how to break the chain of felonies that have brought them all here, in the hopes of preventing young people from doing the same. To date, we have collected over 500 essays and done over 100 community presentations.

Learn more about The IF Project on the project website or by visiting the Foundation’s website.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

A historic past. An uncertain future.        

For over a hundred years the Seattle Police Department has had a Mounted Patrol Unit.  They perform a variety of safety and outreach functions. The SPD’s budget constraints put the Mounted Patrol in jeopardy, until the Seattle Police Foundation stepped up to help preserve this important tool.        

The city’s shortfall of tens of millions of dollars meant big cuts and even job losses. With money being frighteningly scarce, the Seattle Police Department had to make some tough decisions and the Mounted Patrol unit was in jeopardy. Seattle was going to lose a valuable resource.       

Then the Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) stepped in. The Seattle Police Foundation has made a commitment to maintain the food, care and support for our Mounted Unit horses for three years. However, we still need to raise the final 1/3rd of the funds needed to fulfill this commitment.        

The money donated by the community to this project, will go directly to support the horses of the mounted patrol. The officers and sergeant in the unit are funded by the general fund and also work regular patrol shifts. Your donation will allow these officers to have the option to use the Mounted Patrol to fight crime and provide security/crowd-control in downtown Seattle, reduce fear through their presence and provide valuable opportunities to connect with the community.


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