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The South Seattle College Foundation raises funds to support the educational mission of South Seattle College.                    

South Seattle College serves as an 'opportunity' portal for more than 15,000 students with diverse needs and financial resources who come to us to achieve their educational and career goals. The student median age is 30.5 years and more than 54% of our students are the from first generation in their family to attend college.                             

In addition to offering two-year Associate of Arts degrees, South is a four-year degree institution. The college offers Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Hospitality Management and Professional Technical Teacher Education, and in May 2014 added a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Building Science Technology at its Georgetown Campus. Georgetown also houses a diverse range of industry apprenticeships.

Mission Statement
The South Seattle College Foundation's mission is to change lives by providing students with scholarships so they can pursue quality academic and vocational education. We do this through relationship building, fundraising, and stewarding resources.

Through our fundraising efforts, we provide scholarships and emergency grants for students, professional development grants for faculty and staff, and instructional equipment for classrooms.
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Elizabeth Pluhta 
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South Seattle College Foundation Programs

The South Seattle College Foundation has identified priority areas where our work and philanthropy can make the biggest difference:

  1. Get students in the door – both high school students and working adults
    • Sustain and expand the “13th Year Promise Scholarship” program 
    • Partner with employers to identify current workers in need of training
    • Offer scholarships 
  2. Give South students the tools they need to succeed – encourage retention and completion
    • Support innovative teaching and learning methods through faculty development awards 
  3. Provide support in such areas as student emergency funds and childcare support and college classroom instructional equipment.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The 13th Year Promise Scholarship is both one of our recent successes and our continuing challenge:
South Seattle College and the college’s Foundation conceived the “13th Year Promise Scholarship” program following a board retreat in 2007.  This program began as pilot for the 2008 class of Cleveland High School and expanded to Chief Sealth High School in 2011 and Rainier Beach High School in 2013.

Based on data from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges highlighting the enormous difference one year of college makes in students’ life success, this innovative program was developed to give every Cleveland High School, Chief Sealth High School and Rainier Beach High School graduate the opportunity to attend college tuition-free for one year. The three high schools were chosen based upon their proximity to the South Seattle College campus and after learning of their college entrance rates for graduating high school seniors.

This program has proved to be enormously popular and successful. Our challenge is to sustain the program in perpetuity and to expand it beyond the three high schools already served.


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