Sports in Schools 


We ensure kids have the chance to stay connected to their schools during out of school time through positive athletic experiences.  

Mission Statement
Our goal is to get kids to fill their out of school hours with healthy activity, we do this by helping school districts, schools, athletic directors, and coaches increase opportunities while removing financial barriers for kids.
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Sports in Schools
4701 SW Admiral Way #33 

Will Niccolls 
Founder & Executive Director 


Sports in Schools Programs

Grow and Maintain EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE – no need to reinvent the wheel
Our community is full of quality after school programs but many of these programs are located off school campuses and require expensive and redundant infrastructure such as transportation, staff and most expensive of all buildings. This infrastructure already exists in our local schools – it just needs our support!  

We focus our funding on activities, but when needed we purchase equipment. 
Our funds go to support any of the 14 WIAA sanctioned sports.3) We focus on providing opportunities not typically funded by school budgets. Activities such as: sending teams to summer camps, paying entry fees into summer leagues and holiday tournaments, special events, and All Star Games.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

A very recent and exciting success is from a student at Evergreen HS in White Center.  This student had a tooth knocked out while playing basketball for the school team.  This young student's family didn't have dental insurance.  Sports in Schools worked to provide the root canal and dental implants for this student.  Without sports in Schools this young athlete would be missing a tooth.Sports in Schools also just organized the 2nd Annual Metro League Soccer All Star Game on May 31st at Memorial Stadium in Seattle.  This game brought together 50 female players and 50 male players along with all of their families.  This extremely diverse group of 100 student-athletes came together for a fantastic community building event complete with a free post game BBQ.    

As a challenge and current need the recent addition of schools charging students “Pay to Play” fees have decreased opportunities while increasing barriers for many kids to participate in school sports.  Sports in Schools needs your support to ensure we can say "YES" to each students who requests funding.


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