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Sustainable Seattle has a 22 year history of being a catalyst and resource for positive change. Through broad collaboration, we make positive and measurable impacts on neighborhoods and businesses through our programs and events, building community and revitalizing the environment. We work throughout the city, addressing underserved areas with community-centered environmental education and projects as well as build connections to encourage formation of more sustainable neighborhood groups.
Mission Statement
Sustainable Seattle works to build a thriving and livable future in the greater Seattle area by connecting, educating, and inspiring people, organizations, and businesses.
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Sustainable Seattle
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Terri Butler 
Executive Director 


Sustainable Seattle Programs

Sustainability Leadership Awards
Each year we recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals, organizations, and businesses helping the Puget Sound Region be a more sustainable and livable place. Multiple awards are presented to those selected by a panel of independent judges. The nominees and winners are truly inspiring in their out-of-the-ordinary accomplishments.

Sustainable Neighborhoods
Through on-the-ground projects, we transform Seattle communities. Rain gardens and other green infrastructure installations can convene citizens and catalyze long-term change by building stronger community ties and expanding the vision for neighborhood transformation. We highlight this work and projects of others through bi-monthly newsletters enabling cross-community involvement in building sustainability.

Sustainable Business
The Tools for Tomorrow series hosts vibrant interactive leadership forums, workshops, roundtables, and conferences that provide training and networking for professionals wanting to integrate sustainability practices into their area of business. Topics include climate impacts on business, sustainability reporting, and operational changes that save energy and resources.  

Seattle Greendrinks
Part of the Greendrinks network, Seattle Greendrinks was founded in 2003. Each month, those interested in and working on environmental and sustainability issues gather to create a shared and informal space that fosters connections, good times, and environmental awareness.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Accomplishments in 2013                              
Hosted 12 environmental education community and business events including a business conference, “Climate Change and the Bottom Line,” a community planting day and garden tour, a neighborhood sustainability walk, and a summer picnic.

Transformed the grounds at a Seattle community center through green infrastructure, treating 100% of the roof runoff and preventing it from entering Puget Sound

Launched a new multi-acre green infrastructure project in partnership with city, county, and community organizations in south Seattle

Reached over 2600 subscribers to our Neighborhood Newsletter

Reached over 500 people directly through rain garden outreach efforts at local fairs, festivals and neighborhood meetings

Subscribers who receive invitations to our Tools for Tomorrow sustainable business program events grew by 42%

Launched a membership program.

Provided training and experience to 12 student interns

Over 800 hours of volunteer time

Participated as an active community partner in multiple projects including Solarize Seattle, Safe Parking Outreach Program for the Homeless, and Seattle Magazine’s Earth Day 5K.

Current Needs  
Rain garden project funds to transform communities and prevent pollution in Puget Sound.      Video, communications, and interactive tool development to engage a wider audience in sustainability practices.


Current evaluation not available

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

3/22/2007 $20,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/16/2005 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.


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