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In 1998 a group of caring people gathered under the direction of Glenn Schmekel to consider the unmet needs of our neighbors in need. The Cove Food Bank was established, under the guidance of a non-profit board of directors, and soon thereafter a 501(c)3 charity was secured. Now The Cove hasĀ a governing board of directors and four other advisory boards guiding developed projects and charting our successful direction. We have apx. 60 volunteers that work and support our missions.

Mission Statement
The Cove operates and funds a food bank and gives aid and assistance to people in need here in the Methow Valley of Washington.
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Glenn Schmekel 
Executive Director 


The Cove Programs

The community needs that are addressed are the feeding of those in need, the financial help with utility bills and rental needs, the support of elderly shut-ins with friendly visitors, and a Adult Family Home which allows 12 seniors to stay in this community and receive local and family social support.

Our statement:
"Show me a community that takes care of those in need and gives honor and support to our senior elders and I'll show you a good place to Live."

The Cove Food Bank serving the Methow Valley, giving supplemental food to apx. 70 households per week. We offer a "coffee house" environment where hot lunch is served, conversations are plenty, and individual needs are addressed. Motto - "more than a food bank, come and see".

The Cove Aid and Assistance Program. Established in 2000, with an active advisory board giving policies and procedures, this fund helps people who receive shut-off notices for utility bills, helps those who receive eviction notices for unpaid rents, and gives financial assistance to other household needs. We distribute over $12,000 of locally donated and earned funds annually.

Faith in Action-Guardian Angel Program matches 35 volunteers with 35 senior shut-ins giving friendly visits and networking support. The Cove Jamie's Place is our newest project which are two Adult Family Homes, housing 12 seniors, giving 24 hour professional care in a family environment. We are the first "Greenhouse" in WA state using the Eden Alternative philosophy of elder care. Our purpose is to keep our seniors in our community with local support and home like facilities.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Recently a single mom with three small children came into The Cove. They were living in a small travel trailer, connected by an extension cord, to a distant relative's barn. The trailer was unsutible for the Methow winters. We gave the family food, financial assistance to help with a suitable rental, networked with other agercies to secure needed support, and followed up to ensure that this family was a valuable part of our community.

The financial needs of The Cove come from the caring people who believe that giving to others is a good work of life. Our Food Bank and Aid and Assistance Fund have seen a great increase of expressed need in this time of economic concerns. Financial support and volunteer activities are our critical needs.


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