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The Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle (JDS) provides an integrated curriculum of learning through inquiry, exploration and reflection. The program places great emphasis on the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth. Focusing on 21st century learning, community and stewardship, the program creates a unique educational opportunity that prepares children to live intelligently, thoughtfully, peacefully and sustainably within a rapidly changing global environment. Founded in 1980 as a K-2 school, JDS now proudly serves Seattle-area Jewish families with children in preschool through 8th grade on a lovely 7 acre campus in Bellevue, just south of Microsoft’s main campus. 

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Jewish Day School is to provide an exceptional education that empowers Jewish children to be confident, wise, and compassionate upstanders who are committed to life-long learning and community stewardship.
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The Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle
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Hamutal Gavish 
Head of School 


The Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle Programs

JDS provides a program of academic excellence distinguished by a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, a deep and collaborative learning environment, character education and a community that seeks, promotes and embraces a diversity of people and thought.

A strong Mitzvah/Community Service program permeates the campus with students empowered to research, identify and take action to make a difference in their world.  The campus is home to the JFS Eastside Food Bank which students help service each month, students in each grade select and promote "taking action" projects throughout the year, and we have a student-led Green Team which has been responsible for the school's attaining level 3 in the King County Green School Program.

JDS is an entry point into the Jewish community and serve as a facility which builds community and extends Jewish culture.  We have a diverse community of families and our campus serves as an eastside gathering space for the Jewish community.  JDS strives to ensure its program is financially accessible for all Jewish families who want their child(ren) to have a JDS education.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

JDS has recently named a new Head of School, Hamutal Gavish, who began her term in July 2014 and completed strategic planning with the release of The JDS 2014 Plan for the Future for an exemplary inquiry based program rooted in Jewish values.  The strategic plan will guide the school forward focusing on the expansion and implementation of the school's highly praised inquiry-based curriculum as well as ensuring JDS's financial sustainability.  

Aligning with its mission, the school seeks to make its program available to any Jewish student who wants a JDS education.  That commitment along with reduced grant funds the school receives from foundations and other funding sources, often places a strain on the existing tuition assistance program. Ensuring we have tuition assistance available for those families needing it is one of the school's most pressing needs today.


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