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Together Center was designed to provide critical help in one location. One of the first multi-tenant nonprofit centers in the nation, Together Center (formerly Family Resource Center) is a regional center that works collaboratively to lower barriers to services so people can find help when they need it. Tens of thousands of East King County residents each year receive help from 18 essential agencies and other critical resources at Together Center's "one stop" three-building campus.

Mission Statement
We create access to human services, so people can find help when they need it. With one stop, people find medical and dental care, mental health services, housing, youth and family counseling, child care, supports for the disabled and much more. We provide advocates, navigators and helpful tools to assist families to find the support they need.
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Together Center
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Pamela Mauk 
Executive Director 


Together Center Programs

Nonprofit Campus
Together Center lowers barriers and increases access to human services by providing comprehensive services in one location, so all are able to find help when they need it. East King County individuals and families get help and thrive with easy access to multiple providers.  At our one-stop human services campus, 18 agencies also find below market facilities and shared services, enabling collaboration and organizational efficiencies. Agencies saved more than a quarter million dollars (almost $270,000) in lower lease costs alone last year thanks to community support of Together Center.                                                                                      

Front Door Services
People need someone to provide guidance as they make their way to services. Our Front Door Services program increases access to information and referral and connects visitors to advocates  and other supports. Other resources include free public phones to access transportation, services, jobs and family; cultural navigators for individuals and families who have limited English language skills, critical fax and friendly support to those that are homeless, applying for services or seeking jobs; and advocates for families in crisis, people struggling with homelessness and the most fragile in the community (partners include Family Housing Connection, Public Health Seattle & King County and others).  

Collaborative Programs to increase capacity 
Together Center develops collaboration among agencies and increases the capacity of nonprofits by sponsoring the Alliance of Eastside Agencies; offering low-cost nonprofit training programs and partnering on multiple fronts with others so all can find help when they need it.   

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

We have been growing services on our campus and working to expand elsewhere in answer to ongoing needs.  We developed a Front Door Services model. Families can now find real-time information on available shelter or housing with the addition of Family Housing Counseling Connection at our front door, and tap Public Health to help people address food, medical and other needs, as well as other advocates.  A Veteran’s Service Officer is coming. We added an additional free lobby phone so people can seek work or services, find a ride or call home. We helped launch the Cultural Navigator Program and are working to grow the program to meet ongoing demand. Through planning with agencies and other human services leaders, we developed a strategic plan to greatly expand Front Door Services through acquisition of new tools and collaboration with interested partner agencies.      

We are seeking $20,000 in increased donations this year to continue our important benefit to agencies and grow services for people in need.  Yearly we must raise 15% of our revenue from the community:  we receive no public funding.  Contributions will allow us to continue to grow services at our Front Door as we maintain campus-wide benefits to agencies and the community.  With your gift, Together Center will add a multi-lingual touch screen tool to help people access services and expand translation resources for the many seeking help that struggle with English. Thank you for your support of our efforts.  


Together Center is an effective organization and operates the Eastside's human services campus to increase access to services, foster partnerships and build capacity of agencies to serve the community. Centrally located in Redmond for east King County residents, the Center's "one stop campus" was designed to relieve the difficulties of getting to community services. The Center houses a wide range of complementary services to meet the multiple needs of consumers, overcome transportation and other barriers and to provide the community with a large service mix.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

12/10/2007 $10,000.00support facility renovations.


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