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Founded by transplant recipients, Transplant House is a grassroots nonprofit organization that provides the region’s most affordable and home-like residences for people awaiting or recovering from transplants.

Our patients represent a cross-section of the Pacific Northwest and range in age from small infants to retirees. Transplant patients often travel far beyond their local hospital for transplant surgery where they face limited housing choices. Once patients "move" to the top of a donor list, they are typically required to be in residence within a short drive of the hospitals they await surgery. Housing may be needed immediately; stays vary from weeks to months, depending on the availability of donor organs and recovery time post-surgery. Because of patients' immune-suppressed state, sterile living environments are required to reduce risk of infection. Transplant House fills an important gap in housing by providing apartments that are furnished, cleaned, and maintained following strict protocols established by the University of Washington Medical Center.

Mission Statement
Transplant House is a home away from home for people who must uproot their lives and move to Seattle to await or recover from a life-saving transplant. We provide an affordable place to live and caring support to ease the transplant journey for patients and their families.
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Liz Truong 
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Transplant House Programs

Once someone is notified that a transplant may be imminent, patients must live close to the hospital performing the procedure. This requires residents from all parts of the Pacific Northwest to leave the familiarity of their own homes to find a temporary place to live while waiting for and recovering from transplants.  

Transplants are expensive, even for those with health insurance. We help ease this financial burden by providing apartments at below-market rates.

Transplant House has more than 25 one- and two-bedroom furnished apartments located close to UW Medicine, Seattle Children’s, public transit, shopping and other services.     

Our ambassadors offer advice, support and comfort.    
We give patients and their loved ones more than just a place to live. We offer them emotional support. Transplant recipients and other volunteers serve as ambassadors to smooth the transition to a temporary new home and to support residents throughout their away-from-home experience. 

Ambassadors provide tips on how to enjoy neighborhood life, impart first-hand insights into what to expect during the transplant process and offer a shoulder to lean when emotions run high. With warm, reliable support from ambassadors and a comfortable, affordable place to live, transplant patients can better focus on healing. People emerge healthier and stronger from their transplants because we have provided the stable and healing environment they need to recover.   

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there, too.    
Founded by transplant recipients, we are a grassroots nonprofit organization that provides the region’s most affordable and home-like residences for people awaiting or recovering from transplants and their loved ones. 

No one understands what it’s like to wait for, undergo and recover from a transplant like someone’s who been there before. Because we are governed by people who have shared the experience, transplant patients can trust that we understand their needs.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In 2006, Transplant House began with just one housing unit and we have grown to over 25 apartment homes and counting. The demand is extremely high for housing and exponentially growing. We currently maintain nearly a 100% occupancy rate at all times and in need of expanding. 

This year we are focusing on adding $10,000 in housing scholarships for needy families. The financial burden that accompanies a transplant procedure can be astronomical for families. It is often times an unexpected expense, and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to undergo the entire journey. Some of our families have insurance and medicaid that can help lessen the financial blow, but often times it does not cover everything a family needs to get through such a difficult time. We have seen families take out leans on their home, file for bankruptcy, borrow from early retirement or even sleep in their cars to do what they can to survive financially.

To help transplant families, we are building our scholarship fund to help pay for housing, food, and other bills that are causing these families to be in financial distress. Nearly 80% of our families that come to us describe their financial situation as “difficult”, and 10% of our families can barely make ends meet including putting food on the table or paying for medications. 

Please help us reach our $10,000 goal by donating on May 5th in the GiveBIG campaign for Transplant House.

In 2015, we will also be adding 5 more apartment homes to bring our total to 30 to serve an ever-growing housing demand. Currently, we are only able to serve 65% of the families that come to us for housing. With 30 apartment homes, we hope to serve over 200 families this year alone and working our way to never turning away a family.


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