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Transplant House helps keep transplant recipients healthy and their families strong by providing safe, convenient, affordable housing for pre- and post-transplant recovery. 

Our patients represent a cross-section of the Pacific Northwest and range in age from small infants to retirees. Transplant patients often travel far beyond their local hospital for transplant surgery where they face limited housing choices. Once patients "move" to the top of a donor list, they are typically required to be in residence within a short drive of the hospitals they await surgery. Housing may be needed immediately; stays vary from weeks to months, depending on the availability of donor organs and recovery time post-surgery. Because of patients' immune-suppressed state, sterile living environments are required to reduce risk of infection. Transplant House fills an important gap in housing by providing apartments that are furnished, cleaned, and maintained following strict protocols established by the University of Washington Medical Center. 
Mission Statement
Transplant House is a Seattle-based non-profit helping people and families in need of safe, convenient, and affordable housing pre and post-transplant surgery.
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Liz Truong 
Executive Director 


Transplant House Programs

Transplant House has over 20 apartment homes available for organ transplant patients. 

While we do not offer medical advice/services, we do provide a circle of support for each family. Together, our Executive Director, Housing Director, and our Transplant House Ambassadors assist and support our residents during their stay. Many of our Ambassadors and volunteers (and Board members) are transplant recipients themselves and truly understand the complex and emotional transplant process. Our Ambassadors provide transportation for the patient (and/or caregiver's) first trip to a local grocery store. Ambassadors' familiarity with the local area—businesses, services, amenities, neighborhoods—can help relieve the stress of temporarily relocation. Our volunteers remain in regular contact with the patients, anticipating needs and handling everything from cable TV not working to helping the family figure out where things are located in Seattle and how to get there. They provide respite for caregivers and can connect patients to support groups or other community resources. Sometimes what is needed most is a smile or willingness to listen. In short, we work hard to create a warm, healing environment for everyone who stays at Transplant House.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In 2006, Transplant House began with just one housing unit and we have grown to over 20 units and counting. The demand is extremely high for housing and we maintain nearly a 100% occupancy rate at all times.

Transplant House hopes to add an additional 10 units over the next couple years. It costs approximately $8,000 to furnish a one-bedroom home and $10,000 for a two-bedroom home. Within five years, we hope to have our own building that is exclusive to transplant patients only. 


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