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WA Asian Pacific Islander Community Services (WAPI) serves Asian Pacific Islander Youth and all Youth of Color in Seattle.  In our treatment program our goal is to have youth make an educated decision about staying sober. To help inform their decision, WAPI uses social justice and cultural identity building to help youth critically think about underlying issues surrounding drugs and alcohol in our community. In our prevention programs, we engage youth with Hip Hop culture, building relationships through leadership, music and urban art.

Mission Statement
To provide and advocate for culturally competent and age-appropriate prevention and substance abuse treatment services for Asian Pacific Islander Youth and all Youth of Color.
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WA Asian Pacific Islander Community Services
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Aileen De Leon 
Executive Director 


WA Asian Pacific Islander Community Services Programs

A Leadership and Outpatient Drug Treatment Program based on the evidence based program the 7 Challenges. Youth learn about substance abuse and about environmental factors that may cause substance abuse in communities of color. Youth are challenged to increase their awareness in order to make an educated decision to stay sober.

WAPI's prevention program has many components that serve youth with leadership skills, music and art, and drug refusal skills. Programs include:

Katalyst: An after school Hip Hop program for students ages 13-19. The Urban Arts portion teaches classic and graffiti inspired art techniques. The Music portion teaches students how to emcee, record, and make music.

Leadership Council: A group of Asian Pacific Islander teens ages 14-18 from Seattle. Based on the Leadership and Resiliency Program, an evidenced base practice, youth meet weekly, learn leadership, plan monthly community service events and monthly fun activities. The council is youth-run with the help of adult advisers

Girl's Group: A youth-run group of Young Women of Color who meet weekly, similar to the Leadership Council.

QWAPI: A support group for LGBTQ youth and their allies. Youth from the Leadership Council started QWAPI in response to the need for community support for LGBTQ youth.

Project Alert: A best practice program taught to middle school youth in Seattle Schools, providing drug and alcohol education and refusal skills.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Katalyst is WAPI’s art education program. It was started in 2007 with local Hip Hop artists Blue Scholars and Abyssinian Creole. Katalyst provides a safe space for youth to make music and art in a positive environment. The program also serves as therapeutic recreation for our Street Scholars Treatment Program. Participants receive hands-on experience in various hip-hop disciplines including music, recording, and urban art. After youth complete the first year, they are invited to join the second year class where the focus is on the business aspect of the music industry or urban arts. 

WAPI is looking to diversify its funding since social service and arts funding has been scarce in the past few years. WAPI intends to sell the unique music and art produced by the Katalyst youth in order to pay for teaching artists, equipment and other expenses without grant funding or public money. Through this new program, youth will also have the opportunity to learn about business and entrepreneurship as experienced professionals guide them through the process. Youth will also learn about royalties, publishing and copyrighting.

WAPI already has connections with local Hip Hop artists, the space, equipment and infrastructure to create art and music that will be sold to support the program. We are now looking for seed money to purchase materials to reproduce CDs, t-shirts and screen-printing and make posters of our youth’s art.


Washington Asian Pacific Islander Community Services (WAPI) serves all youth of color though their state certified chemical dependency program, outreach and prevention programs, and youth empowerment opportunities. They are unique in that they take a highly engaging approach to working with youth that is culturally relevant, age appropriate, and makes connections between a young person’s experience and the larger community.

Proven Success
WAPI was founded in 1993 to serve Asian and Pacific Islander youth. They have since successfully expanded to serve all youth of color. Their youth drop in center is open daily from 10-6 and is regularly filled with youth coming to treatment, learning to produce music, or just looking for a safe place to hang out. They relocated to Columbia City in 2010 and receive free office and community space through Southeast Youth and Family Services. Programs focus on social justice, internalized oppression, marginalization, and validating the experiences of youth of color living in King County. Accessibility and

Accessibility and Cultural Competency
Cultural Competency is the heart of WAPI’s programs and services. WAPI offers specific programming for youth of color, including an Urban Arts program, Leadership Council, Young Women of Color group, and QWAPI, a support group for LBGTQ youth and their allies. WAPI’s programs help youth navigate being a young person of color living in both their unique culture and the larger Seattle community. In particular, the CD treatment helps youth make connections between their personal recovery and the impact that it has on their community as a whole.

WAPI is contracted with King County’s Juvenile Detention Center and King County Drug Court to provide all GAIN (chemical dependency) assessments of incoming youth. These partnerships provide a much needed, stable source of revenue for the organization. They are also working on building their individual donor base through community events, music sales, and concerts at their venue. According to the executive director, WAPI board and staff are getting smarter about fundraising and are thinking creatively about how to market the organization to a larger audience.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

12/10/2012 $10,000.00provide general operating support.
12/10/2009 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/22/2007 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.


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