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Connecting, Learning, Thriving in Community.
Wallingford Community Senior Center is a warm, welcoming space where older adults from across north Seattle learn to thrive through life’s transitions in a positive, healthy way. Since 1979, we’ve been a steadfast champion for the well-being, dignity and independence of this growing population by offering rich programming, strong community outreach and a deep understanding of aging issues, trends and available resources. Our programming helps enrich the lives of seniors, especially those with limited access to emotional, family or financial support, and enables them to age as they choose within their community.

We recognize that aging touches us all, but the process of moving through life’s transitions looks different for every individual. The informed team at WCSC can help seniors navigate the often daunting network of community resources, guiding them through challenges and decisions, while inviting them into a supportive community experience.

Mission Statement
WCSC builds community across generations and fosters healthy, secure, positive aging. We aim to create an inclusive, vibrant, age-friendly organization that helps people connect, engage, and expand their horizons.
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Wallingford Community Senior Center
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Kathleen Cromp 
Executive Director 


Wallingford Community Senior Center Programs

Open, Responsive, Relevant, Accessible 
WCSC offers easy-to-access opportunities for participants to meet and connect with others, discover new interests or refine old ones, share a nutritious meal and stay active and healthy.  Affordability and accessibility are key; at least 1/3 of our participants have financial or functional limitations.

Every program interaction is a chance to make a difference and create a personal sense of welcome. Our team of resourceful, caring staff and volunteers works diligently to bring strong programs into being, from need and idea to practical delivery.  An on-site social worker offers  individual consultations.  This social worker also develops group programs on topics and issues that are of common interest.

Program areas address needs of those at any life stage, but have a strong focus on what matters to older adults:
  • Health Promotion: Fitness Classes, Yoga, Health Workshops
  • Good Food and Healthy Eating: Lunch Program, Food Benefits Enrollment, Community Gardening, Food and Cooking Workshops  
  • Mental Wellness: Happiness Workshops, Meditation, Onsite Social Worker
  • Social Connection: Conversation Group, Men’s Group, Writing Group, Book Club, Knitting Circle, Games, Community Events
  • Resource Navigation: Health, Legal, and Resource Workshops
  • Artistic Expression: Outings to the Arts, Art Classes
  • Digital Literacy: Computer Classes, 1 on 1 Computer Mentoring
  • Safety Net Services: Free Social Worker Consultations, Door to Door Transportation Supports
Although located in Wallingford, 2/3 of participants come from outside the near-by neighborhood.  We are actively reaching out across other areas of north central and northeast Seattle, where there are few organized programs for seniors and no senior center is near-by. 

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Recent Successes
WCSC’s strong programming and services are bringing more participants through the doors. 2013 saw 13% increase in those served from 2012.  Early 2014 numbers show a 15% increase in visits from the same time period in 2013.

With new City support in 2013, WCSC added on-site social work services at 10 hours per week. Having a social worker on staff has strengthened our ability to provide resource navigation, decision support and problem-solving to seniors as they face challenges of aging.

The loss of federal funding for its senior lunch program has prompted WCSC to reaffirm how vital the meal program is to what we offer. We’re committed to making this a strong, sustainable program — despite a loss of dollars. We are still serving lunch and are following a road map to grow the number of people we serve:  building on our strength, adding improvements, creating new partnerships, thinking more holistically to address hidden hunger and food insecurity among our seniors. 

Current Need
Your gift will keep programs and services accessible to all older adults and seniors.  Fixed incomes, complicated transitions, and increasing risk of isolation make access to free and affordable programs a necessity for healthy and positive aging.  
Specifically, we are seeking stronger base of support so we can:
  • Extend our reach and capacity to serve seniors across north central and northeast Seattle (for example into Lake City and Northgate).  
  • Sustain our meal program
  • Expand our social worker services.
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