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Connecting, Learning, Thriving in Community
In north Seattle since 1979, we are reimagining the aging process with rich programming – giving older adults opportunities to thrive through life’s transitions, to make a difference, and to be supported in community.  With a focus on those with limited access to emotional, family or financial support, we still want all to age in a positive healthy way.  One of only 3 senior centers in the north end, WCSC serves adults 50 to 99+ years in north central and northeast Seattle through its Wallingford location, active outreach, and satellite programs.  

Mission Statement
WCSC builds community across generations and fosters healthy, secure, positive aging. We strive to create an inclusive, vibrant, age-friendly organization that helps people connect, engage, and expand their horizons.
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Wallingford Community Senior Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N Ste 140 
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Kathleen Cromp 
Executive Director 


Wallingford Community Senior Center Programs

Welcoming, Responsive, Accessible
Every interaction can make a difference, creating a personal sense of welcome and connection. Our resourceful, caring staff and volunteers work to bring strong programs into being – from idea to practical delivery.  We strive to minimize barriers – cost, isolation, health limitations – so our programs and services can be easily accessible. This is a critical consideration, as 50% or more of our participants have financial or functional limitations.

WCSC's Program Pillars
Social Connections & Safety Net: Fostering social connection underpins all that we do for everyone we serve. We offer:
  • No-cost social work consultations
  • Resource navigation and workshops
  • Conversation, discussion and activity groups  
Healthy Aging: This encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of well-being. We offer fitness classes, health workshops, good food in our lunch program, meditation and ‘happiness’ activities to support positive aging. 
Lifelong Learning:  Learning fosters resilience, flexibility, attention, as well as cognitive health. In our open positive environment, participants share knowledge, learn new skills and gain understanding of themselves, people in their lives, and their world. Opportunities span artistic expression, technology, books, writing, and other pertinent topics or issues.
Volunteer Engagement:  WCSC is a volunteer organization at heart. 165 volunteers of all ages and abilities pulled together in 2014 to help us achieve our mission. For older adults volunteering with us, it engenders a sense of purpose and connection essential to healthy aging. Our commitment to engaging volunteers of all ages is key to connecting people across generations. 

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

2014 was a year of ‘stretch’ and resilience. We saw a 25% increase over 2013 in people served by and participating at WCSC – 2000 lives touched!  Despite full loss of funding for our ‘former’ lunch program, we reimagined and strengthened our meal program, making it better and serving more people – 5000 meals. In doing so, we affirmed our commitment to reducing barriers for people who are food insecure. We stepped up our outreach efforts, with a focus on Lake City, with satellite programs for older adults in a geographic area that has no organized senior programs.  And we continued to deepen and expand our already full program set at our place-based home in the Good Shepherd Center, with a special focus on our social work services that were new in 2013. 

What’s ahead?  A new funding rubric has resulted in a 51% loss of our public funding base, just when we are poised to intentionally expand our geographic reach to north-central and northeast Seattle, where the aging population is growing hugely, inequity and diversity are very real, and services are scarce. As a small organization, we are proud of our tenacity, what we have done and what we still can do. Yet, we are at a tipping point.  Stretching further without significant change won’t happen. We have to go beyond the traditional model of a small stand-alone, place-based agency that serves older adults.

The need and opportunity is to build organizational strength, scale, and long-term stability. Our 3-fold agenda is: 
  • Capacity building across all aspects of the organization
  • Innovative expansion with a new service delivery model
  • Change well-done for stronger impact without losing our heart.   
A most exciting time, we invite you to join us with your support and involvement.  Thank you!  


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