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The Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) envisions a world in which collaboration leads to global health equity—the ability to not only survive but thrive.

More than 2,500 global health projects spearheaded by Washington state develop infrastructure to deliver vaccines, safe water, health education and more to 156 countries. Gifts to WGHA inspire the next generation of global health leaders, increase life-saving partnerships and ensure local and federal lawmakers protect global health funding.
Mission Statement
WGHA invites and activates every sector in our region to advance global health equity through advocacy, promoting and engaging Washington’s global health sector and building innovative partnerships between traditional and unexpected organizations to increase global health impact.
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Lisa Cohen 
Executive Director 


Washington Global Health Alliance Programs

WGHA catalyzes innovative partnerships among traditional and unexpected organizations and people to grow the sector and expand the sector’s impact

We cultivate
  • partnership between faith-based  and secular organizations
  • global health interest among the next generation through “Agency” an annual global health party designed to empower 1,000 20- and 30-somethings to get involved in global health
  • new global health champions through our community partnership with the Seattle Sounders FC and others
  • business engagement in global health by convening and connecting global health companies and organizations with broader business communities

WGHA educates local, state and federal lawmakers about the relevance of global health for our economy, international relations, community and the people our members serve worldwide. WGHA advocates for

  • sustained U.S. foreign assistance commitment by traveling the Global Health Experience exhibit to key locations to educate lawmakers and citizens about global health
  • commercialization of global health technologies through the Washington Global Health Fund, a grant-making program funded by the state of Washington 
WGHA promotes and engages the collective global health community to increase visibility and impact. WGHA mobilizes:

  • global health leadership by convening regular conversations with key stakeholders
  • a common global health voice by identifying trends and demonstrating the collective impact of the sector
  • individuals through inspiring community events

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Global Health Week in Washington, DC
March 2013, WGHA convened a powerful group of global health leaders to advocate for sustained U.S. foreign assistance, which currently accounts for less than 1% of the federal budget. We traveled the Global Health Experience exhibit to Washington, D.C. to show lawmakers that U.S. foreign assistance works and saves millions of lives. The impact of sequestration will be felt, but foreign assistance levels will not see the devastating losses we anticipated due to the funding climate.

Organized Global Health Month July 2012
More than 13,000 people attended educational global health events and activities WGHA orchestrated in conjunction with Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary celebration

Guided Seattle Sounders FC’s global health trip to Tanzania
WGHA led a Sounders delegation to experience first-hand global health projects in Tanzania stemming from Washington state.

A major challenge to global health is state and federal funding
The funding climate in Olympia and Washington, D.C. presents real challenges to continued progress in global health. Our lawmakers need to understand the deep connection between defense, diplomacy and global health and development in order to make informed funding decisions. For this reason, WGHA has prioritized advocacy to ensure our lawmakers don’t unknowingly reverse progress on necessary things like vaccines, innovative products and life-saving trainings and programs.


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