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Whim W'Him is a Seattle-based dance company dedicated to opening the world of dance to a wider audience through collaboration and innovation. We foster an artistic community dedicated to creative expression with movement and issues of social relevance. We believe that addressing such issues through dance, which in many cases are taboo to discuss, the audience is able to understand, cope and even confront these issues. We serve a diverse population-- not just in Seattle but nationally and internationally through touring. 

Mission Statement
The mission of Whim W'Him is to provide a platform, centered around choreography and dance, for artists to explore their craft though innovation and collaboration. The organization strives to foster an artistic community by encouraging original projects through an alliance of artists from varied disciplines dedicated to a creative journey in order to reach the community at large.
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Whim W'Him
5706 17th Avenue NW, #70285 
(206) 240-3241 

Olivier Wevers 
Artistic Director 


Whim W'Him Programs

We present two full, evening-length performances each year-- where we work closely with varied artists including hip hop artists, composers, visual artists, etc.

Our Artistic Director focuses on expanding his range in choreography, through working with artists and other choreographers, to increase the innovation in dance, particularly as seen in Seattle.

We conduct outreach events to youth in the region to help expose youth to the varied artistic disclipines intertwined with dance.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Our performances in January were a huge success-- we had sold out houses each night and critically the works were well received.


Whim W’him is a young dance organization working to open the world of dance through innovation and collaboration between artists of multiple disciplines. Their work tackles a range of socio-political issues, using dance as a way to begin the discussion.

Collaboration is a strong focus of Whim W’him, both in terms of between artists and between organizations. They work with a variety of artists across disciplines, such as partnering with a hip hop artist for a recent show. They also work with other dance organizations, including Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) and Spectrum Dance Theater, in the use of dancers for their performances. PNB also provides them with rehearsal space, and the two organizations have co-produced a show together. Whim W’him is the resident dance company at the Intiman Theatre.

Whim W’him is led by Artistic Director Olivier Wevers, a former dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet, and 22-year veteran dancer. Wevers’ choreography has already attracted attention around the region. The organization and Wevers are unique in that they open their creative process, inviting audiences in to witness the development of works and ask questions of the dancers and choreographer.

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