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Whit Press forms mutually beneficial partnerships with nonprofit organizations to publish books that are used as education and fundraising tools. Our books weave a rich tapestry of literary diversity. With the major media and publishing houses becoming ever more consolidated, strong voices and community-oriented publishing opportunities are being overlooked. Whit Press's editorial policy chooses projects that benefit marginalized communities, working together to bring environmental and social justice issues to a wide audience.

Mission Statement
Whit Press is a nonprofit publishing organization dedicated to the transformational power of the written word. Our mission is to promote literary work in support of environmental and social justice issues and to give a voice to women writers, writers from ethnic, social, and economic minorities, and first-time authors.
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Ms. Claudia Mauro 
Founder/Executive Director 


Whit Press Programs

"Beloved Community - The Sisterhood of Homeless Women in Poetry," a poetry anthology created with WHEEL (Women's Housing, Equality and Enhancement League) featuring the writing of homeless and formerly homeless women of King County. This book also provides the community at large with an intimate experience of what life on our streets is truly like for women. In a culture that is actively and aggressively suppressing the voice of women, this project assumes critical importance. This magnificent book was delivered to the entire Washington State Legislature.

"To Come To Light: Perspectives on Chronic Illness in Modern Literature," an anthology of prose and poetry created and beautifully published for Group Health Cooperative's, Institute for Chronic Illness Care; created for doctors and other health care providers in response to a need for integrating compassion into the treatment of patients.

Creation and publication of the 'Hedgebrook Writers Series' to benefit women writers and Hedgebrook Retreat for Women Writers. The first two collections published are from Nigerian-American poet Uchechi Kalu, and poet Ruth Forman. Ms. Forman's book "Prayers Like Shoes" has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. In 2010, Whit Press will publish American Book Award Winner, Suhier Hammad as the third collection in this series.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Our amazing collection of poetry from Seattle's homeless women was hand delivered by those women to every legislator in Olympia. We are planning a trip to Washington, DC to deliver the book to the US Congress. Our Hedgebrook Writer's Series book "Prayers Like Shoes" is Whit Press's first Pulitzer nomination. Our collection "In Praise of Fertile Land' was insturmentel in raising funds to purchase and protect 200 acre farm in partnership with the Farmland Fund Trust. Please contact Whit Press directly for MANY more examples of our successful mission in action.

Whit needs both operating and project support. Gifts to Whit Press expand the range and relevance of the literary arts. Whit Press books reach beyond the page to become direct, positive community action tools for issues as diverse as economic and social justice, chronic illness care, literacy, and cultural and environmental conservation - locally, nationally, and internationally. Because we are a small, efficient nonprofit your gift has a huge impact. Your dollars are respected and they ensure that outstanding, innovative literature continues as vital part of our cultural heritage and public discourse. Innovation, editorial and design excellence, integrity, and solution-oriented public service are the cornerstones of every Whit Press project.


Whit Press is a community publisher and serves an underserved group of writers and demonstrates the power of words to inspire direct community action.

Proven Success
Whit Press is known for its social justice and environmental responsibility series. They plan to develop one title annually with the intention of employing the literary arts as a tool for environmental protection and social change. They choose projects that benefit marginalized communities.

An independent literary press raises issues relevant to the community that major publishing companies typical do not consider. Their books have assisted; Seattle homeless women, veteran’s groups, Seattle school youth, other nonprofits, and emerging writers.

Whit Press partners with many local nonprofit organizations to highlight issues and generate support – through the content of the book as well as donating proceeds from the sale of the books.

Whit Press is developing a web based program to ensure that access to their publications are open and accessible. They are working to position themselves to be competitive in the e-books market.

Their priority is to add additional staff. This year they want to add a .5FTE marketing professional and next year they plan to add a .5FTE development professional.

Financial Health
2010 was their best earned income year to date – they have more books and the books are selling. They also were successful in their annual fund drive. The amount of each individual gift was down slightly, however they increased the total number of donors by over 25%.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

9/17/2008 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/21/2006 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.


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