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The White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA) is a catalyst for community mobilizing and networking across neighborhoods that reflect cultures from around the world.  Since 2002, WCCDA has been known for its commitment to resident leadership and vision to bring community voices to the table, promote economic self-sufficiency, and strengthen White Center’s educational, social and civic fabric. Partnership with residents and organizations is a core value for the White Center CDA because we believe that we must all come together to make White Center a great place to live and do business.

Guided by our "White Center Promise" framework, we are committed to ensuring long-term success for all residents.  The promise commitment is embedded in the way that we build opportunties so that children can be successful in school, eliminating inequities through systems change, continue to foster economic vitality and community well-being and removing barriers to increase opporunity for residents and families of White Center.
Mission Statement
The mission of the White Center Community Development Association is to develop authentic leadership, leverage resources and build economic and social equity to create a strong, connected and vibrant community. 

We do this by:
Creating opportunity for community engagement that affirms resident leadership

Promoting strong community leadership through engagement and relationship building

Building capacity to work together across communities, cultures and systems

Leveraging resources to strengthen families, develop neighborhoods and enhance the way work, play and worship

Organizing and advocating for community-driven policy and social change
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White Center Community Development Association
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Ms. Sili Savusa 
Executive Director 


White Center Community Development Association Programs

Family Development
We support White Center children and adults in knowledge-building, access to services, and leadership opportunities that will assist them in achieving their goals.  We connect families to schools, community, resources, opportunities and each other.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Our "place" based strategies seeks to attract investment in the neighborhood, support entrepreneurship and small businessdevelopment, improve community health and safety, and increase affordable housing options using a community based economic development approach.

Community Building
The heart of our work in service of our results in Families and Neighborhoods. We increase resident voice in neighborhoods by supporting resident-led activities, strengthening resident connections and leadership and creating opportunties to build relationships that result in a vibrant, multi-ethnic and proud sense of community.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

1) In 2013, WCCDA in partnership with collaborative partners formally launched White Center Promise, a long-term initiative aimed at eradicating poverty in White Center. Its goal is that all children in White Center will graduate from high school and earn a post-secondary credential that leads to a living wage career.  We began with the Family Success Partners (FSP) work in our elementary schools and have begun our roll-out of services to our families with preschool aged children through our Early Learning Connectors program.  We are working with partners to create a pathway for college for families with youth completing highschool as well as supports for residents interested in a technical trade or developing a specific skill that leads to career opportunties for all.

2) With our 2nd Annual 5K Run, we have to date enrolled over 900 individuals who have participated in the run with momentum for even bigger participation in the future.  The 5K itself was an inspired by a young adult who grew up in White Center and wanted to promote an event that would support healthy active lifestyle while connecting residents and families to each other.  The signature community events including the Annual Summit, Spring Clean and the Promise Celebration have engaged over 10,000 residents over the last 12 years!

Current needs for the organization focus on the key components of our overall work in White Center.  
Neighborhood Revitalization-potential work that includes pre-development and capital support for our commercial real estate development work and preservation of our local parks and open spaces/public art. Support for our White Center Fresh Marketplace Initiative to improve access to and diversity of healthy foods in our business district and capacity to attract investiment and grow White Center into a viable site for future entrepreneuers and local involvement of community members.
Community Building-Support for community events to recruit and retain resident leaders for leadership, outreach and trainings to other residents and builidng a sustainable resident led pool of community advocates to continue to grow the work of strengthening community capacity to lead in specific actions and/or activities and increase community engagement efforts.


White Center remains one of the most diverse communities in the region – one in six people live in poverty, many are first generation immigrants and about one-third do not earn a living wage. White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA) works to ensure there are opportunities and support for all residents by focusing on equitable neighborhood revitalization, family engagement and student support, and community building strategies that engage residents, particularly those from immigrant, refugee or low-income backgrounds.

WCCDA has a strong commitment to ensuring all residents have a voice in the development and future of White Center and has identified resident fellows and parent ambassadors from diverse ethnic groups to ensure there is broad representation from the community. It also hosts an annual Community Summit where community members come together to review the “White Center Neighborhood Action Plan,” identify current trends, potential solutions to problems and next steps for the coming year.

• The WCCDA launched the "Strength of Place Initiative" (SOPI), a first-of-its-kind, three-way development partnership in collaboration with Capital Hill Housing and the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association. SOPI seeks to build and preserve 300-400 units of affordable housing in White Center by utilizing the combined and unique strengths of the three partners.
• In partnership with Southwest Youth and Family Services and the Highline School District, WCCDA seeks to bring federal funding into the community through a potential Promise Neighborhoods grant that would support a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy to ensure families and children have the resources necessary for educational and economic success.

Strong Leadership
Since 2007, WCCDA has leveraged nearly $30 million in community investments through several projects such as the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Making Connections Initiative and the White Center Early Learning Initiative, which is a public-private partnership focused on preparing all students to be successful when starting school.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

11/6/2015 $65,000.00to support Communities of Opportunity work.
10/21/2015 $20,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/22/2015 $4,000.00support a Communities of Opportunity delegation at the Policy Link Equity Summit.
3/6/2015 $150,000.00support the White Center Communities of Opportunity place-based effort.
12/9/2014 $50,000.00to support information and organizing of the White Center community around annexation to the City of Seattle. COO RFP
9/24/2014 $3,000.00honorarium for community-based organizations participating in the Communities of Opportunity Design Committee.
6/10/2013 $25,000.00support WCCDA and FEEST engage students and parents to advocate for healthier food. Equity LOI grant.
3/10/2013 $25,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2012 $30,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2011 $30,000.00support general operating expenses.


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