Wind of the Spirit Ministries 


Wind of the Spirit Ministries is a teaching and training minsitry organized to equip individuals, local church leaders and community groups to minister to their populations.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to work for renewal of the Church and community through the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
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Wind of the Spirit Ministries
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Rev. Larry L. Eddings 
Co-Executive Director 


Wind of the Spirit Ministries Programs

Training workshops for local church leaders, equipping them to minister to their congregations and their community within the United States.

Training sessions in healing and wholeness for students in seminaries both in the United States and in Paraguay.

Teaching and training sessions for churches, villages and communities in other countries like Nigeria, Paraguay, Canada, Philippines, India.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Conducting a Healing Seminar in Troyes, France at the request of four small churches. Several experienced healing and wholness and were equipped with tools to minister to others in their communities.

Financial needs to underwrite mission trips to developing countries where local groups do not have financial resources. Ongoing current general support needs to maintain operation expenses.


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