Youth Violence Prevention Network 


The Youth Violence Prevention Network primary serves King County and any where there is a need, if we get a call to come to Tacoma, Bellevue or Lynnword it doesn't matter where we will go and offer support.

Mission Statement
The Youth Violence Prevention Network is a nonprofit organization, led by young people that address the practical and systemic reasons why there is violence in King County and surrounding areas with the goal of preventing youth violence throughout King County.
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Youth Violence Prevention Network
9601 35th Ave SW 
(206) 937-1417 

Minister Daniel Dean 
Executive Director 



Youth Violence Prevention Network Programs

Youth Violence Prevention Network (YVPN) responds directly to violence in the community. In most cases YVPN has volunteer staff on site at the scene of crime to offer immediate support and / or counseling to victims and/or the victim’s family, friends and authorities if need be. Additionally YVPN offers these services:            
  • Youth intervention counseling, mentoring and services that lead to positive outcomes (stronger families, jobs, education, developing life plans). We also have speakers for schools and other organizations working on this issue. We are building a network of support for young people.  
  • Street outreach at "hot-spots" throughout King County where at-risk youth gather.
  • 24 hour/7 day week availability by calling (206) 937-1417. We have staff available who will assist youth with any issues they face.    

Recent Successes and Current Challenges


Current Needs:

  • Ongoing funding support.
  • More committed organizational partners to do cooridinated work throughout the county.



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