ARCADE, is a Seattle-based nonprofit that creates opportunities – in print, online and in the community – for sharing ideas about design, culture and the built environment. We publish a magazine (in print and online); present community events, including educational lectures, panels discussions, tours and salons; and provide a curated calendar of Northwest design, arts and cultural happenings. With the goal of strengthening connections across these disciplines, we invite all to participate and collectively add to the greater whole.

Mission Statement
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ARCADE’s mission is to reinforce the principle that thoughtful design at every scale of human endeavor improves our quality of life. 
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Kelly Rodriguez 
Executive Director, Editor 


ARCADE Programs

ARCADE fulfills its mission through its award-winning magazine; events, educational lectures, panel discussions, salons; and web presence, which includes its website, e-newsletter, online calendar of Northwest design events and growing social media community.
    This spring we published ARCADE Issue 33.1 Data Culture, the first issue of the 33rd volume/year of ARCADE. With the launch of each of our issues we hold a public event where interested parties come together to celebrate and exchange ideas—our most recent event was held at the newly rehabilitated Union Stables on April 23rd. Subsequent events will be held in September and December. 

    As we did last year, in 2015 we will be holding public educational events throughout the year--in fact, our first, Detroit Future City, was held in January at the Frye Art Museum, and the most recent was on April 14: Futuring the Future with Surya Vanka.

    Recent Successes and Current Challenges

    2014 was a great year for ARCADE—we were busy!

    As part of our programming we published three magazines that were chock-full of thought provoking content, including After Growth: Rethinking the Narrative of Modernization, feature edited by Charles Mudede; Empathy Fire and Spades, Design for Social Innovation, featured edited by Brian Boram; and Living by Design in the Pacific Northwest, feature edited by ARCADE's own Kelly Rodriguez. We hosted three launch parties for the community at unique venues— Pacific Tower, Waterfront Space and The Studios; hosted two sold-out design lectures; co-hosted an open house at an exclusive residence; co-presented/sponsored three educational events; held one salon focused on exploring our digital future; cohosted/sponsored seven events; and continued to evolve our website, including an online archive of past ARCADE issues for the community to enjoy. 

    In order to continue to elevate and refine our programs we need operating capital to support staff time, graphic design and web development fees, printing costs, and strategic planning and resource development initiatives.


    Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

    Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

    10/5/2006 $5,000.00purchase computer equipment and staff training.


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