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Seattle Foundation Rolls Out New Services Portfolio to Support Powerful, Rewarding Philanthropy

New investment choices for philanthropists.

February 10, 2016

Last fall, Seattle Foundation unveiled “The Heart and Science of Philanthropy” to capture our role as champions of the heart and practitioners of the science of strategic giving. This week, we rolled out a new services portfolio to support powerful, rewarding philanthropy through our effective philanthropic advising, deep community insights, powerful civic leadership and judicious oversight of assets.

This new multifaceted service portfolio, the first redesign of the Foundation’s services in more than a decade, reflects extensive feedback from our philanthropic partners and aims to make us a more valued partner and competitive choice for philanthropists. 

At a gathering with nearly 200 philanthropists and professional advisors, Seattle Foundation President & CEO Tony Mestres introduced the new service lineup, which includes 10 services tailored to the diverse needs and interests of philanthropists. These services deliver varying levels of support for Lifetime Philanthropy, Legacy Philanthropy, Organizational Philanthropy (for both businesses and non-profit organizations) and Specialized Services. The suite of services are tailored to meet the unique needs of philanthropically-minded members of our community and to support them along the continuum of giving. Depending on the level of engagement and interest in more complex areas of philanthropy, additional services such as global giving, multi-generation family philanthropy or the “venture philanthropy” work of impact investing are also available. The services are embodied in the following philanthropic options:  Community Philanthropy Fund, Family Foundation, Corporate Foundation, Nonprofit Endowment, Bequests, Planned Giving, Global Giving, Impact Investing, Scholarship Funds and Supporting Organizations. 

Pricing is tied to these factors as well. The Foundation’s new pricing model is applied to services used and better expresses the value/price relationship. The pricing adjustments include an up-to 33 percent reduction in the Community Investment Fee on Community Philanthropy Funds, versus the previous pricing on the standard Donor-Advised Fund. More specialized services, such as Impact Investing, are optional, add-on costs. 

We also unveiled new investment choices so that philanthropists can better match their investing with their giving plans and timeline. In addition to the Balanced Pool (which mirrors the investment strategy for a long-term endowment), philanthropists can choose between a short-term or intermediate-term pools, a new Growth pool, a Socially Responsible Investment pool, or a passively managed Index Fund. Investment fees for these choices will vary, providing the option to manage costs by selecting a lower-cost investment pool option. The presentation also included a report on the Foundation’s 2015 investment performance, delivered by Brian Crawford, Senior Consultant and Partner at Colonial Consulting, the investment advisor for the Foundation’s assets since 2010.

Mindful of the fact that philanthropic giving needs to be part of a holistic approach to wealth management, we are very receptive to expanding the Seattle Foundation Investment Partners’ network and are open to donor recommendations for additional investment managers to add to our existing relationships.

View the presentation made at the event below to learn more about the array of service options and pricing or email to schedule a free consultation with a Seattle Foundation Philanthropic Advisor.



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