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October 12, 2016

Deep community knowledge is a key benefit of working with Seattle Foundation.  Our team has extensive knowledge about community issues and trends, as well as an expansive network of relationships with nonprofit organizations working locally, nationally and globally.  We track key developments in each element of our Healthy Community Framework:  Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, Economy, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness, Vibrant Communities and Global Giving.  Every other week, we compile Element Notes to share the latest developments affecting efforts to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We hope you find it useful and let us know what you think!

A Look at Key Ballot Measures this Fall

Municipal League: Gains of $54 billion Sound Transit 3 outweigh the pains
Proposition 1 (or ST3) would give $54 billion for 62 more miles of light rail, expanded Sounder train service, more park-and-ride lots and bus rapid transit for Highway 522 and Interstate 405.

Hotel workers battle sexual harassment and heavy workloads
I-124 would provide for safety, workload and job-security provisions for hotel workers.

Should carbon emissions be taxed? Environmentalists are split
I-732 would implement a carbon tax, but many environmental advocacy groups have significant concerns.

A New Gun Control Measure Is Going Before Voters, and the Gun Lobby Seems to Be Holding Fire
I-1491 would allow family, housemates or police of a person at risk of harming someone to petition for a court order to prevent that person from buying or owning guns.


3 key takeaways from Ed Murray’s new budget
The mayor came out with a new budget focused on “good governance,” which 1) keeps the controversial plan to expand the police force, 2) adds new money to focus on rapid re-housing as a technique to combat homelessness and 3) rejects council member Sawant’s push to reallocate police funding to affordable housing.

King County budget cuts may hit sheriff, prosecutor’s office
King County is facing $22 million in cuts, which will primarily hit law enforcement and the justice system. Executive Dow Constantine attributes the cuts to limits on tax revenue.

A Preview of the 2017 Washington State Legislative Session
The upcoming legislative session will likely be “momentous” in its need to implement tax reform to finally address school funding.

The State of American Jobs
Pew Research dives deep into the “tectonic shifts” happening in the job market and how Americans are changing their thinking around employment, college, training and more.

Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope
The New York Times focuses on how elites of both cities are working to tie the two cities closer.

The Widening Racial Wealth Divide
“It would take black Americans two hundred and twenty-eight years to have as much wealth as white Americans have today.

Vibrant Communities

Fortress Seattle: Why the fight against the new police ‘bunker’ matters
Crosscut looks at the protests against the new Seattle police station in light of the history of the militarization of American police forces.

Supreme Court declines to reconsider deadlocked immigration case
The Supreme Court declined to reconsider its rejection of Obama’s proposed plan to protect millions of undocumented families from deportation.

Why These Farm Workers Went On Strike—and Why It Matters
The Nation covers the Washington-based Driscoll’s Berry picker strike leading to the first U.S. farmworker union in years.


Capacity Building 9.1: Give someone a fish, let them focus on carpentry
Vu Le questions traditional capacity building funding and instead encourages funding for staffing, contractors etc. so nonprofits can focus on what they do best.

Other element news

Arts and Culture: Beloved Seattle artist Frank S. Fujii passes away at 86

Basic Needs: Seattle trailer park closure another blow to affordable housing

Education: STUDY: Preschool Teachers Harbor Implicit Racial Bias

Global: As Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Tops 100 in Haiti, Do's and Don'ts for Americans Who Want to Help

Health & Wellness: Can Washington reduce the high number of maternal deaths?



For Philanthropists


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