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In this roundup, the Road Map Project pushes its goals, Council Member Gonzalez pushes for paid family leave and Seattle continues to grow.

April 05, 2017

Deep community knowledge is a key benefit of working with Seattle Foundation. Our team has extensive knowledge about community issues and trends, as well as an expansive network of relationships with nonprofit organizations working locally, nationally and globally. We track key developments in each element of our Healthy Community Framework:  Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, Economy, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness, Vibrant Communities and Global Giving. Every other week, we compile Element Notes to share the latest developments affecting efforts to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We hope you find it useful and let us know what you think!

Basic Need

Seattle mayor drops property-tax plan, seeks sales tax to fight homelessness
“Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proposed the $275 million property-tax levy to raise money for programs to fight homelessness just a month ago, and now he’s scrapping the idea for another: a sales-tax increase.”

Facing rental crisis, Seattle creates a renters’ commission to explore new laws
“The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday to create the 15-member board, which could begin meeting this summer to talk about pushing laws to help cope with soaring rents and displacement, among other concerns.”


Road Map Project raises goal but extends deadline for getting more students through college
Road Map (a project launched in partnership with Seattle Foundation) are still working to close achievement gaps for low-income youth and students of color


How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps
“Americans overwhelmingly believe that global warming is happening, and that carbon emissions should be scaled back. But fewer are sure that the changes will harm them personally.”

It’s official: Oil is making its way through the Dakota Access Pipeline
Despite Standing Rock resistance to the project, Energy Transfer Partners reports that oil is now flowing under Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Health and Wellness

Disabled, or just desperate?
More and more rural Americans are turning to disability as jobs dry up.

Gonzalez begins push for paid family leave for all Seattle employees
Both City Council Member Lorena Gonzalez and the state legislature have begun serious work on implementing paid family leave for new Seattle parents.


Nations pledge to cut women's unpaid work and close the gender pay gap
“Agreement made at UN’s Commission on the Status of Women overcomes efforts by US and Russia to weaken text on violence, and sexual and reproductive rights”
Global progress leaves behind millions of poor, hungry, illiterate: U.N. report
UN report finds global progress hides continued inequality.

World Water Day: one in four children will live with water scarcity by 2040
“Unicef report says climate change and conflict are intensifying risks to children of living without enough water, and that the poorest will suffer most”

Vibrant Communities

Seattle sues Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’ order
“Seattle will argue that an executive order by President Donald Trump violates the Constitution by trying to make local governments enforce federal immigration law.”

New Census report estimates Seattle's weekly population growth
According to a new census report, more than 1,000 people are moving to Seattle every week.


It is Time to Talk About Basic Income, Again
“By some predictions, 47% of the jobs currently available in the United States will be lost to automation and other factors in fewer than fifteen years...What seems to be the most radical and potentially effective suggestion on the horizon again, is the discussion of Basic Income—a guaranteed monthly payment of 70-150% of the existing poverty line (currently $12,060 annually), adjusted regionally against the cost of living, per adult. “ 



For Philanthropists


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