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Check to make sure you’re registered for GiveBIG!

Is your organization fully registered for GiveBIG? It is now easy to find out by searching for your profile

April 07, 2017

Is your organization fully registered for GiveBIG? It is now easy to find out by searching for your profile on the GiveBIG website.
Image of find your nonprofit search bar

If you find it, then you are all set for GiveBIG! You can update details on your profile until April 12. You will then be able to edit the matching grant amount and recognition fields until April 26.


If you do not find your organization:
If you don't find your nonprofit listed, then your registration is NOT complete.

If you are new to GiveBIG and did not complete an inquiry form before March 29, you are unfortunately no longer eligible to participate. 

If you participated in GiveBIG 2016 and/or have begun your registration process before March 29, you can still complete the registration process before the deadline of April 12. Please note that it can take up to 5 business days after submitting to have your profile approved and searchable.

Steps to register:

Image of nonprofit user login screen1) Log in

 To finish your registration, please first log in to your profile at If you have not logged in this year, please note that this year we have switched technology platforms to CiviCore, so both the login url and your password are different from last year. You can reset your password using the email registered with your account and the “Forgot Password” link. If you have trouble logging in, please contact us at

2) Complete the required profile fields

Under the profile tab, make sure that you have filled in the correct fields. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. Fields which are visible to the public on the GiveBIG website are:

• Legal Organization Name
• Address
• Org Phone
• Org Email Address
• Website
• Mission Statement
• Description
• Recognition
• Logo
• Photos/Videos
• Social Media Links

3) Complete registration with payment processor Stripe
All GiveBIG participants must register with Stripe, CiviCore's third-party payment processor, to receive GiveBIG funds. If you participated in GiveBIG 2016, we imported bank account details from your 2016 profile. However, as Stripe is new this year, you will also have to fill out some other information to complete Stripe registration. To begin registering with Stripe, click the “Setup Stripe Account” button in your profile. 

Stripe registration requires a signatory for your organization. The signatory needs to be prepared to enter their date of birth, social security number and color scanned photo ID (driver’s license or other government issued ID) plus have their organization’s scanned bank document at hand (if banking details need to be updated). These are Stripe’s requirements rather than Seattle Foundation’s, but please email if you have questions.

4)  Submit your application for approval
When all profile updates are complete and you’ve registered with Stripe, click the “Submit for Approval” button.

Once approved, your profile will be published to the GiveBIG website. Please allow five business days for approval and publication.Image of Submit Profile button


5)  In 5 days, confirm that your profile is approved by searching at

You can make changes to your profile until April 12 and update matching fund amounts until April 26.


6)  Prepare to GiveBIG on May 10!
Still having trouble with registration? Check out the recording of our How to Register for GiveBIG 2017 webinar. Further questions? Ask us at The last day to edit your profile is Wednesday, April 12. Profiles will be locked down after April 12, except for matching fund amounts and acknowledgements, which can be updated until April 26.

Thank you for participating in GiveBIG 2017. Now more than ever.





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