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How to Make the Most of GiveBIG

We share tips and tricks for truly leveraging the power of GiveBIG from the Making the Most of GiveBIG sessions

April 11, 2017

Thank you to all the nonprofits that came out to Making the Most of GiveBIG last Wednesday and Friday at Seattle Foundation offices. Ostara Senior Consultant and individual giving expert, Ariel Glassman, did a great job going over how nonprofits can truly leverage this day of generosity. We’ve posted the slides for your reference.

Making the Most of GiveBIG Tips

Think visionary

The budget goals that motivate nonprofits are not always the goals that motivate donors. To make a connection, identify how your organization can solve a visionary problem that resonates with donors. Answer “Why this problem? Why give now?” to make a strong case for your organization.

Motivate with matching funds

Organizations with matches can make over four times more on giving days, and GiveBIG’s platform is set up to make promoting these matches easy. There are a wealth of options for nonprofits to spur giving with a matching grant. Board members and major donors are always a good start to reach out, as they’re already committed to your organization’s success. Endowment donors are also a good lead; if someone wants to give a part of their legacy to your cause, they’re definitely passionate about your organization! It’s also a valuable idea to go to corporate sponsors, especially smaller ones that may value building their charitable reputation more than established givers. Not sure how to frame your request? Read more of our tips on securing matching funds.

Setting fundraising goals

Setting a fundraising goal can provide momentum and motivation for giving, but you want a goal that you can reach. Ariel recommends setting a goal that you can blow out of the water, encouraging donors with success. To find this magic number, start with a “donor pyramid” and reality check it against your prospects. Don’t just think in terms of money: the number of donors and number of new donors can also be important metrics.

Plan your content!

Start planning your day-of content now. You want to be ready with a 24 hour plan, pre-scheduled content, and clear roles of who’s doing what when the donations start rolling in. GiveBIG is a great opportunity to engage non-development staff in fundraising as well.

Thank your donors!

There’s the old rule that fundraisers should thank donors seven times for each ask. With 30 percent to 60 percent of giving day donors being new to an organization, this stewardship is essential to keep the ball rolling. From custom, quick emails as soon as a donation comes in, to sending a donor welcome kit after the day to posting a gratitude card on Thanksgiving, there are a multitude of ways to make donors feel good about giving big all year long.

Thanks again for the great participation and make sure to sign up for our April 18 webinar on Getting Ready for GiveBIG. For more GiveBIG tools and tips, check out our toolkit and tips to secure matching funds. Questions? Contact GiveBIG, now more than ever.





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