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Mobilize Locally to Fight Gun Violence and Hate Crimes

June 15, 2016

Seattle Foundation is committed to advancing the ideals of equity and opportunity for all. The Orlando shootings – a confluence of terrorism, LGBTQ hatred, and gun violence – are in stark opposition to these ideals. Our team considered how Seattle Foundation can support community members eager to engage in meaningful ways to build a community free of this hatred and violence. We are so fortunate in Greater Seattle to have strong, effective nonprofit organizations passionate in their mission to locally address these very issues. If you want to engage personally or financially in these critical causes, our team suggests the following organizations for you to learn more about, or partner with, to take constructive action.

Gun Violence

Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation
The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation is the advocacy organization associated with the Alliance’s efforts that include passing Washington state’s ballot initiative to close the background check loophole for private gun sales, protect the tax on firearm and ammunition, stronger gun legislation and critical research.

Faith Action Network
Faith Action Network provides over 100 faith communities in Washington state with tools and communications to help influence policy to ensure we have a safe community, including promoting gun safety legislation.

Washington CeaseFire
Washington CeaseFire works to reduce gun violence through community education, communication and advocacy.  The group promotes meaningful, common sense gun safety legislation and cultural awareness of the dangers of a gun in the home.

LGBTQ Rights

Seattle Counseling Service
Seattle Counseling Service promotes health and wellness within the LGBTQ communities through counseling, psychiatry and support groups in a safe environment for sexual minorities. This pioneering organization has been serving LGBTQ communities for 45 years and recently launched the LGBTQ Immigrant, Refugee & Undocumented Outreach Project to serve our growing LGBTQ immigrant and refugee populations.

Gay City
Gay City promotes wellness in LGBTQ communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts and building community. Gay City has been a leader in Seattle’s LGBTQ communities for 20 years.

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)– Washington chapter
GLSEN works to battle discrimination and harassment against LGBTQ students and school personnel by fostering respectful school environments that affirm the dignity of all students.

LGBTQ Allyship
LGBTQ Allyship recognizes that all oppressions are interconnected and works in solidarity with marginalized communities to support systemic change for all. Allyship’s programs include an intergenerational project to build dialogue, several economic justice projects and programs that prevent and address LGBTQ homelessness.

Lambert House
Lambert House is a center for LGBTQ youth that empowers youth in  safe environment through the development of leadership, social and life skills. Lambert House has been supporting LGBTQ youth since 1991.

Out in Front
Out in Front trains LGBTQ people of diverse identities and backgrounds on the theories and skills required to be inspirational, accountable, relevant, and inclusive leaders in the movement for social justice and equality.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)


PFLAG offers support, education and advocacy to the parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays. They promote a dialogue to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.

Pride Foundation
Pride Foundation supports the LGBTQ community through scholarships, grants, advocacy and community leadership. This donor-supported community foundation supports transformative philanthropy, programs and individuals that help people find joy and strength in who they are.

Immigration Equality
This national organization provides legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive asylum speakers, detainees, undocumented immigrants and families that are at risk of being deported to life-threatening situations as a result of current U.S. immigration law.

Give Out Day
This year Give Out Day will be on August 2, 2016. This year Horizons Foundation is hosting the national event. Horizons Foundation is an LGBTQ Community Foundation based in San Francisco.



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