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GiveBIG Disbursement and Feedback

June 15 is disbursement day. Nonprofits can find information here as well as a survey to give GiveBIG feedback.

June 20, 2016

GiveBIG 2016 Disbursements and Looking to GiveBIG 2017

As you know, Wednesday, June 15 is the distribution date for GiveBIG online donations and stretch pool funds. You can expect an email from The K Foundation with information about your organization’s disbursements. In preparation for this, Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG team is sharing important information regarding GiveBIG 2016 and asking for your help in shaping GiveBIG 2017. Please fully read this communications to ensure you are informed and have an opportunity to share your feedback with us.


GiveBIG 2016 raised $22 million. This total includes $15.9 in online donations made via the Kimbia platform and $1.2 million made online directly to nonprofit organizations. Also contributing to the total is $1 million in stretch funds provided by Seattle Foundation, corporate sponsors and individuals, and an estimated $3.9 million in matching gifts. Nearly 45,000 donors participated in GiveBIG, making more than 89,000 individual gifts to nonprofit organizations. 


On June 15, your nonprofit organization will receive two ACH disbursements from The K Foundation. One disbursement will be the total amount in online donations received by your organization via the Kimbia platform (net of fees). This year, donors had the option of paying the transaction fee and nearly 80 percent elected to do this, which is a very positive outcome for our nonprofit community.

The second disbursement will be your organization’s share of the stretch pool. With GiveBIG’ s total online donations reaching $17.1 million, the value of the “stretch” equals $6.30 per $100 in online donations. If you have questions about your disbursements, please contact

In response to the technical difficulties experienced with its platform, Kimbia reduced its transaction fees by 1 percent. For participants in Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG, this results in a total fee of 3.90 percent (inclusive of credit card processing fees). The adjustment for this fee reduction is reflected in the online donations disbursement you will receive from The K Foundation. 


Our shared experience with GiveBIG 2016 elevated the risks and rewards of the GiveBIG fundraising model. Online fundraising has evolved tremendously since we launched our giving day in 2010, as have the expectations that nonprofits, donors and the community have for GiveBIG. Given these factors, it’s critical that Seattle Foundation evaluate the giving day model as a channel for community philanthropy.

The first step in this process is to gather your feedback via this online survey. We strongly encourage you to complete this survey as your input will help shape the future of GiveBIG. We want to work closely with you and this collaboration begins with your genuine feedback and ideas. Please complete the survey by July 8.

In addition to this survey, we have launched an outreach effort with nonprofits, donors and sponsors to explore the framework and operations of GiveBIG going forward. We will be holding small focus groups throughout the summer and hosting “town hall” style meetings with nonprofits in the fall, where you’ll have a chance to provide input on specific proposals for GiveBIG 2017.

Seattle Foundation is committed to GiveBIG 2017 and we look forward to working with the community to develop new approaches to the technology, funding and partnerships models that support GiveBIG. Mary Grace Roske, Vice President/Marketing & Communications, is leading this effort and she can be reached at or 206.515.2104.

We recognize that GiveBIG 2016 was a tremendous challenge for everyone. Your organizations invest significant time and resources to develop your campaigns and you trust that GiveBIG will be a good experience for your donors. We appreciate the patience and perseverance you showed to work through the challenges. GiveBIG’ s overall success is a tremendous reflection of our community’s generosity and the value placed on the vital work you do to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. 

We look forward to working with you and your organizations to shape the future of GiveBIG for 2017. 





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