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Where to go for GiveBIG Updates and Questions

What to expect from Seattle Foundation on GiveBIG day – how we will communicate with you and how you can talk to us in the most efficient way.

May 05, 2017

We’re getting excited for GiveBIG on Wednesday, May 10! As we finish preparing, we want to make sure you know what to expect from Seattle Foundation on GiveBIG – how we will communicate with you and how you can talk to us in the most efficient way.

If you have questions about the giving platform, reporting or related issues:

The Seattle Foundation team will be available 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Pacific) via and by telephone at 206.515.2109. Our staff will assist with answering questions as quickly as we are able. We will also post commonly asked questions to our nonprofit FAQ and the donor FAQ. Please review these before the event and/or check to see if your question can be answered here before reaching out to us.

Seattle Foundation will also provide necessary event updates on via our blog as well as Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to share these updates. In the event that experiences any downtime, information will be communicated via Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

If donors have questions about transactions, errors in gifts or related issues:

We’ve created a donor FAQ with responses to the most commonly asked questions. If a donor needs to request a credit/refund or a receipt, or to correct an erroneous transaction, please email

If a donor’s credit/debit card transaction declines, we recommend that donors contact their bank for the decline reason first. In the majority of cases, this occurs because of an issue with the credit card (usually a potential fraud concern), not the GiveBIG platform, and we are unable to help donors. Donations can also be submitted by echeck. If the donor determines the issue is not with the credit card, then please email

What is the contingency plan, in the event of system issues during GiveBIG?

You can learn about any significant web site performance issues throughout the day by monitoring Facebook, Twitter and our blog. Any announcements related to the GiveBIG will be promptly be made through those channels.

Please know that assessing platform stability and ensuring thorough and multi-level contingency planning was paramount in our selection of CiviCore as the GiveBIG technology platform. CiviCore utilizes Amazon Web Services for server hosting, the market leader offering highly secure data centers. The platform is designed to scale up for high volume situations, and file and database services have backups that can be activated quickly. Their design allows for transactions to continue if a database or file server fails. GiveBIG Seattle will be the only event CiviCore is hosting on May 10, assuring that our shared success is the top priority.

We are committed to providing a stable and effective platform for nonprofits and donors, celebrating a wonderful day of community generosity on May 10.

If you have questions, please email Now more than ever, let’s GiveBIG!





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