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Element Notes -- September 23

In this news roundup, census data and studies show how Seattle's demographics are changing and how these changes affect equity. And, as recent disasters affect the world, the local aid organizations often better positioned to help are struggling to get relief funding

September 26, 2017

Deep community knowledge is a key benefit of working with Seattle Foundation. Our team has extensive knowledge about community issues and trends, as well as an expansive network of relationships with nonprofit organizations working locally, nationally and globally. We track key developments in each element of our Healthy Community FrameworkArts & Culture, Basic Needs, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environment, Global Giving, Health & Wellness and Vibrant Communities. Every other week, we compile Element Notes to share the latest developments affecting efforts to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Basic Needs

What We Learned About Ending Youth Homelessness in 100 days

Organizations working to end homelessness were able to secure housing for 615 young people as part of a 100 day challenge to stop what they were doing and house as many youth as possible.

Economic Opportunity

Median U.S. Household Income Up for 2nd Straight Year

American incomes grew significantly last year and the percentage of people living in poverty has decreased. However, another extensive study recently found that, despite this growth, income inequality and mobility has worsened, especially for people of color. On average, African, Native and Hispanic Americans earn between two-thirds to half the incomes of whites.


Study: People of Color Exposed to More Air Pollution Than Whites

Reflecting what many communities of color have been saying for decades, a UW study has come out showing how people of color deal with more air pollution. While in the last decade US overall air quality has improved, people of color were still exposed to nearly 40 percent more pollution than white populations. (The Stranger may have ads or language that not everyone will find appropriate. As always, click with care.)

Health & Wellness

Mysterious Influx of Patients Hits State’s Already Strained Mental Hospitals

"The number of patients being referred to the criminal wards at Washington’s congested psychiatric hospitals has soared in the last year, a trend that has befuddled state officials and prompted them to scramble for answers.”

Global Giving

Local Aid Groups Are Key To Disaster Relief. So Why Are They Overlooked?

When disasters hit, the locally based groups often have the community knowledge to be the most effective. However, these groups only receive around 2.6 percent of relief donations. A U.S.-based group GlobalGiving is hoping to help small, local NGOs around the world access these funds.

Vibrant Communities

Seattle Organizations Offer Assistance as DACA Deadline Looms

With the proposed dismantling of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Seattle groups including the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project are providing information and legal aid. Other nonprofits, including recent Resilience Fund grantee 21 Progress, also are offering interest-free loans to people who can’t afford the $495 application fee.

Seattle is Less White Than It Has Ever Been in Modern History, New Census Data Show

Census data shows that the white population in Seattle dropped several percentage points in the last year. The city retained its ranking as the 5th whitest city in America.


Three Steps to Build Change from the Ground Up in Eric Liu's 'You're More Powerful Than You Think'

Eric Liu, founder of Citizens University, highlights how citizens can increase their power. The overlying principles include: 1) changing the game, 2) changing the story and 3) changing the equation.

Giving Proof

A study has shown how generosity changes brains to feel more happiness.

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