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Seattle Foundation Endorses Initiative 1631

Climate justice ballot measure would reduce pollution and increase clean energy jobs in Washington state

October 22, 2018

This November, Washington voters will have an opportunity to pass a first in the nation, voter-approved carbon fee. Initiative 1631 aims to reduce pollution and reinvest the proceeds into communities, clean energy technology and jobs. It is a statewide effort to make our air and water cleaner by charging a carbon fee to the largest polluters in Washington. At Seattle Foundation, we believe Initiative 1631 is an opportunity to make meaningful change that protects people and supports a healthier future for all Washington residents.

Initiative 1631 was developed and is supported by the broadest coalition in Washington state history, comprised of social justice, environmental, business and community groups. Seattle Foundation is proud to join over 250 businesses, community leaders, philanthropists, tribes, organizations, working families and unions in endorsing I-1631. Included among those who have made this powerful endorsement are organizations and thought leaders we value such as REI, Microsoft, Expedia, McKinstry, Sellen Construction, Front and Centered, The Nature Conservancy, Former Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and Bill Gates.

This is the second time in Seattle Foundation’s 72-year history that we have publicly endorsed a ballot measure. With support from our Board, we reached this decision because we believe I-1631 is a critical step to protecting our environment, supporting healthy communities and advancing a strong economy. While all initiatives may have room for improvement, if passed, I-1631 will help protect the communities most vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change. It will reinvest hundreds of millions of dollars annually in clean wind, water and solar technology, and transportation improvements that support the health and livelihood of Washington communities.

Seattle Foundation is committed to creating a thriving community for all. While climate change affects everyone, the impacts do not affect us all equally. We believe climate justice is critical to a future that is vibrant, inclusive and sustainable for our region. In Washington state and across the country, we have seen meaningful progress occur when the communities most affected by climate change lead the way. Seattle Foundation is proactively implementing a Climate Justice Impact Strategy, aligning resources and efforts to help affected communities develop the solutions that will reduce the impacts of climate change they experience.

Climate change and the fight for climate justice is the clarion call of our time. At Seattle Foundation, we believe our leadership right here at home can and will make a difference in the global movement to protect our planet and our people. I-1631 is a critical step to make real progress that protects people and improves our environment. We hope voters will embrace this initiative on Election Day.




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