Evergreen Impact Housing Fund

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Evergreen Impact Housing Fund (EIHF) ensures housing options for working families in King County. We do this by targeting a persistent and growing gap in affordable housing funding. This makes it possible to finance more affordable housing more efficiently.

Evergreen Impact Housing Fund (EIHF) is financing our first project!
The Solera Project in Renton, WA is exactly the type of large-scale project EIHF was intended to fund. It is located in an area that has become prohibitively expensive for many working families. With EIHF’s investment, Solera will be able to provide more affordable, family-size units for working families. Learn more here.

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With the rapid pace of development in our region, rents have skyrocketed and the supply of homes for people with modest incomes has dwindled. Working-class people with modest incomes—critical workers like elementary school teachers, grocery clerks, and caregivers for the elderly—increasingly cannot afford to live here. Communities of color are hit hardest by rising rents, forcing many to move out of our region. But we have the power to change this situation. An innovative, targeted intervention like EIHF can boost the production of affordable housing and advance health, well-being, and equity in King County.

Catalytic Investment Opportunity

Evergreen Impact Housing Fund provides catalytic capital to build more affordable apartments. Our investments:

  • Ensure financial feasibility. We fill a financing gap to make more affordable housing projects possible. Without this intervention, these projects could not get built in our region or would be much smaller, leaving more families without housing.
  • Counteract market distortions. Rents that working-class families can afford are not enough to incentivize developers with conventional financing options to build the affordable housing our region needs. EIHF uses a strategic infusion of private funds to correct this distortion.
  • Complement established financing for affordable housing. We work alongside the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and the successful financing programs they run, complementing them with EIHF’s patient, low-interest capital. This leverages private capital to significantly boost production of affordable housing and leaves more public funding available for lower-income housing development.
  • Advance positive outcomes for BIPOC communities. In partnering with the Commission’s Bond/Tax Credit program, EIHF encourages BIPOC developers and community-led developments to generate wealth and housing for communities of color.


Evergreen Impact Housing Fund will help thousands of people gain access to affordable housing in King County. We are providing affordable homes for decades, impacting generations of families.

  • More than 8,500 people in 3,750 modest-income households over the next five years.
  • Affordable for people in households earning less than 60 percent of local median income, or approximately $42,000-$65,000 per year.
  • Investments today deliver new homes in two years and ensure they remain affordable for decades.

Be part of the solution! EIHF will leverage your impact and dramatically improve the lives of thousands of working families.

For more information, visit https://evergreenimpact.org.

Evergreen Impact Housing Fund is managed by Seattle Foundation Impact Funds Manager, LLC and partners with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission to identify and invest in projects. For investment information and general inquiries, contact Kris Hermanns, Chief Impact Officer, Seattle Foundation at kris@evergreenimpact.org.