Linda Park

Community Volunteer and Philanthropist


Linda Park, Ph.D. is a community volunteer and philanthropist. A Pacific Northwest native, she has lived in the Seattle area for 30 years. Linda is a fundholder at the Seattle Foundation, and has been actively involved with the Foundation and its work for almost 15 years.

A scientist by training, Linda's scientific career focused on human immune system research. She spent 18 years in Discovery Research at local biotechnology company Immunex (now Amgen), where she was Director of the Biochemisty Department for many years. In 2002, Linda co-founded Sustainable Path Foundation with a group of Immunex colleagues. Since that time she has been extensively involved in local nonprofit and philanthropic arenas, with her energy focused primarily towards issues of regional and community resilience and sustainability. Linda served as Sustainable Path Foundation Board Chair/Co-chair for 10 years.

Linda has a B.S. in Chemistry from Oregon State University, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan, and conducted her Postdoctoral Fellowship work at Johns Hopkins University.