Grantee Enrollment Form Acknowledgement

Thank you for filling out the Grantee Enrollment Form. A representative will reach out to you shortly.

Complete our Org Profile Form and help us match your organization with donors!
When you complete our Org Profile Form, you provide Seattle Foundation with the accurate and current information we need to match organizations with donors and funding opportunities. This information also helps us maintain a culture of accountability, enabling us to provide grantmaking reports to the community and the stakeholders who make our work possible.

Steps to Complete the Org Profile Form
This process should take roughly 45 minutes.

1. Visit SeaFdn’s grants management site and click “Create New Account.”
2. Complete the account registration questions.
3. Once you’ve completed the registration questions, you’ll be directed to Seattle Foundation’s Foundant site. Click the “Apply” button at the top left of the screen.
4. Once you’re on the Apply page, locate “Org Profile” in red at the top of the page and click the blue “Apply” button to complete the form.