Investment Governance

Management of our community’s philanthropic assets is a significant responsibility, one that Seattle Foundation exercises with great discipline and care. The Board of Trustees is responsible for management of investments, and it exercises this role by issuing an investment policy statement specifying available investment options and asset allocations. The Board also appoints members and establishes the guidelines for the Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees and is charged with overseeing investment activities. This includes retaining investment managers to meet the objectives and monitor the performance of the investment policy. The committee consists of ten members, selected for their investment expertise and judgment. Two of these members also serve on the Board of Trustees.

Seattle Foundation also hires an independent investment consultant to assist in the investment management. The consultant provides guidance on the selection and monitoring of investment managers, allocation of assets among asset classes, management of other portfolio risk and all other aspects of portfolio management. The consultant is compensated strictly on a fee basis and receives no compensation in connection with the management of the Foundation's assets from any other sources. Currently, the investment consultant is Colonial Consulting in New York City.