Aaron Robertson

Managing Director, Policy & Civic Engagement


Aaron Robertson   

As a leader in Community Programs, Aaron pursues greater racial equity and economic opportunity through his oversight of key SeaFdn partnerships and grant programs that advance our theory of change.

Aaron Robertson

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

Social justice


Policy and advocacy

Youth leadership

Aaron has more than ten years of experience in the philanthropic sector, with a focus on civic engagement and strengthening our democracy. He brings deep experience in community engagement, with a long-term focus on advancing racial equity through systemic change. He is passionate about social justice and bringing the insight of young people into the political process. Aaron is a fellow of The Funders Network’s PLACES program, a graduate of Seattle University and an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s Young America Leaders Program, the University of Washington’s Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute and the Leadership Tomorrow program.

Aaron has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2008.