Babs Pinette

Managing Director, Marketing


Babs Pinette   

Babs is responsible for Seattle Foundation’s multi-channel marketing efforts to attract new philanthropists to the organization and give voice to the role of the Foundation in making Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Babs Pinette 400

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

Animal rights

Addressing homelessness

Women and girls empowerment

Babs was most recently the Director of Marketing and Communications at the National Archives Foundation, where she directed the planning, development and implementation of all marketing strategies and marketing communication activities.

Prior to that, she worked at National Geographic for over nine years, where she created and implemented marketing campaigns that increased customer engagement and developed strategic partnerships to extend the brand’s reach. Babs earned her bachelor's of business administration in marketing from the University of Notre Dame.  

Babs has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2016.