Alex Peri

Operations Coordinator, Seattle Foundation and Civic Commons


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Alex provides administrative and operational cross-team support to President’s Office and Civic Commons in leading operations, project management, cross-team cohesion and program effectiveness.

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Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

Arts and culture

Civil rights

Climate justice

LGBTQ+ rights

Racial Equity

Alex brings over a decade of operations expertise to Seattle Foundation and Civic Commons, with experience working across both the public and private sectors. His positive mindset, penchant for collaboration, and dedication to compassionate listening guide his approach to project management, ensuring that his teams and partners feel supported every step of the way. Alex is passionate about racial equity and impact-driven work in our region; recently earning a professional certificate in grantwriting which he utilizes in his new hybrid role. When not working, Alex spends time tapping into his creative side as an actor and playwright, cooking with his partner, deepening his yoga practice and exploring the bounty of the PNW outdoors.

Alex has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2020.