Regional Census Fund

Support critical local outreach efforts to support a fair, accurate and inclusive census count

No Census Without US

With 2020 Census, a decade’s worth of data, decision-making and democracy is at stake. To ensure a fair, accurate and inclusive census count, Seattle Foundation is investing in outreach and education efforts and we are asking you to join us in this effort. We have created a Regional Census Fund with King County and the City of Seattle to support trusted community-based organizations to conduct effective outreach in hard-to-count communities. The City of Bellevue and the City of Kirkland also made a significant contribution.

This effort will provide funding and technical support to organize, educate and activate residents in historically undercounted communities, including communities of color, immigrants and refugees, native people, LGBTQ residents and others. Each person counted determines our congressional representation and leads to significant federal resources to support critical programs and services including transportation, health care, education and housing.