Childcare – Grant Criteria


Phase 2 of funding from the COVID-19 Response Fund includes three tracks, one of which is focused on childcare. We encourage you to learn more about why we are focusing grant support in this area and our overall approach to the next phase of funding.

Through the Childcare funding track, we will provide $1,500,000 in grants aimed at increasing access and affordability of childcare for Phase 2’s priority populations through investments in direct service and systems coordination.  More information is below.

Funding Criteria


Priority Populations

  • People who will be missed by public funding opportunities, including undocumented immigrants and refugees
  • Low- and moderate-income essential workers 
  • People of color, recognizing the disparate health impacts of COVID


Approach: Support for service providers
Grants to services providers will fund:

  • Licensed 501(c)3 childcare providers that are currently open and working to comply with health and social distancing standards while serving the priority populations (see above) in culturally and linguistically specific and responsive ways.
  • Licensed 501(c)3 childcare providers that are working to reopen and provide culturally and linguistically specific and responsive care, as well as safe and enriching care, for economically vulnerable priority populations (see above).
  • Work through intermediaries to support small-business, licensed providers and/or unlicensed childcare providers that are focused on serving the families of low- and moderate-income priority populations.

Grants will address needs such as:

  • Provider ability to support staff safety and compliance with health standards.
  • Provider ability to augment public supports in order to serve the children of low- and moderate-income essential workers.
  • Provider need for increased capacity in order to aid in family support and social emotional wellbeing, in light of increased stress due to COVID’s economic and health impacts.
  • Provider need to provide additional and varied nutritional food supports for children in their care.


Approach: Investments in systems coordination
Grants supporting systems coordination will fund:

  • Work within or across childcare organizations (childcare centers, home-based care and/or family, friend, and neighbor care) to accelerate staff understanding and provide protective equipment to comply with health and safety guidelines in light of COVID-19.
  • Provide coordination across childcare providers to fill gaps and fully support a continuum of care for priority populations.
  • Accelerate the ability of care facilities to reopen and support children of priority populations.

Who is eligible for funding?

  • All recipients must have 501(c)3, nonprofit status or have a fiscal sponsor that qualifies as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.
  • All recipients must be based within the state of Washington and doing work in King County.
  • Organizations that center racial and economic equity in their work and approach.
  • Additional priority will be given to organizations that are led by and for the community in which the proposed work takes place.