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Global Partnerships

The objective of Global Partnerships' Social Investment Fund 6.0 is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. Fund 6.0 will make loans to social enterprises, including: microfinance institutions, cooperatives, global development NGOs and social businesses that require working capital to deliver essential products and services to households living in poverty. Global Partnerships work is highly aligned with Seattle Foundation’s Global Giving impact strategies and priorities.


Seattle Foundation philanthropists have already invested almost $4 million in Global Partnerships.


Examples of Fund 6.0 investments include the following:
- Health – Women-centered finance with health services, including screenings and primary care
- Energy – Solar products for off-grid households, including solar lights with charging features and small solar home systems
- Economic – Women-centered finance with education (including financial literacy, health, nutrition and business), rural livelihood-centered finance with education and smallholder farmer services, including technical assistance and access to markets.

In the first quarter of 2017, Global Partnerships SIF 6.0 disbursed $3 million to two new partners in two new countries in East Africa: Uganda and Tanzania. The fund finished the quarter with $31.3 million in loans outstanding, and anticipates making several additional new investments in the East Africa region during the second quarter.


About Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit impact investor whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. Its efforts are focused around three opportunity areas: economy, energy and health. Global Partnerships has impact investments in 52 social enterprise partners in 14 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and East Africa, and has impacted more than 5.1 million lives across those regions, investing more than $235 million in partner organizations.

As an impact-led investor, Global Partnerships pioneers and invests in sustainable social enterprises that deliver high-impact products and services for people living in poverty. Global Partnerships believes everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a living, care for their families, and improve their lives. Its partner organizations are able to deliver sustainable solutions that help their clients save time and money, increase productivity, access affordable healthcare, and earn a stable income.

Global Partnerships researches which products and services are making a significant impact on households living in poverty. They find and vet social enterprises that reach marginalized populations - people living in poverty with a focus on women and those living in rural areas. They invest debt funding into these enterprises, including microfinance institutions, social businesses and cooperatives, and measure the social impact of those investments.

Social Investment Fund 6.0 Terms
- Term: 3 years
- Rate: 2.5%
- Repayment Schedule: interest paid quarterly; principal payable at maturity 9/30/2020
- Position: senior debt
- Collateral: accumulating loss reserve


Seattle Foundation philanthropists may request a copy of Global Partnerships’ Fund 6.0 private placement memorandum or a summary of Seattle Foundation’s due diligence by contacting philanthropic services (206.515.2128 or email).

For more information on impact investing, contact your philanthropic advisor or email

*As with any investment there are risks and there is no guarantee that these assets will be returned to the Fund.