Partners & Donors — Thank You


We are deeply grateful to the thousands of partners and donors who have come together to support our region’s vulnerable workers and families through the COVID-19 Response Fund. We are moved by the collective generosity of people, businesses, philanthropy, and local government.

In times of crisis, coordination is vital and valued in getting critical resources to communities who are most impacted. Thank you all for your contributions.

‡ Denotes a memorial gift honoring someone lost to COVID-19

Donors as of June 1, 2020


act of giving
alaska airlines
the applestone foundation
aven foundation
ballmer group
banner bank
bezos family foundation
bill melinda gates foundation
butler family foundation
city of seattle
costco wholesale
cowlitz indian tribe
delta dental WA
hudson pacific
joshua green
jpmorgan chase
king county
leo maddox
liberty mutual
lundbeck charitable fund
mackenzie scott
moccasin lake foundation
the norcliffe foundation
nw area foundation
nw childrens
pga family foundation
peach foundation
perigee fund
pfizer foundation
philanthropy nw
pivotal ventures
premera bluecross
puget sound energy
realnetworks foundation logo
rite aid
scan design
schultz family
seattle foundation
seattle rotary service foundation
seattle seahawks
brad and kathy smith
social ventures seattle
stocker family foundation
stolte family foundation
tiedemann advisors
tik tok
tmobile foundation
two herons
united way king county
wells fargo
no logo
no logo
no logo
no logo


Anonymous (8)

Bangs Family Fund

Yahn Bernier and Beth McCaw

Fraser and Deirdre Black

Shanen Boettcher and Elena Donio

Norm and Lisa Bontje

David Bradlee and Kathryn Gardow

Joan and Martin Brashem

David Brown and Dayle Moss

Burns McCabe Foundation

Mr. Leo M. Butzel and Ms. Roberta A. Reaber

Majorie Chadsey

Jon and Joan Christoffersen

Andrew, Ned, and Bill Clapp

Bill and Paula Clapp

Sharon Coleman

David Cornfield and Linda Cornfield

Carolyn Corvi and John Bates

CRC Papillon Fund

Pete & Pat Curran Family Fund

Charles Curtis and Jane Harvey

W. Spencer Curtis

Leslie J. Decker and Stephen T. Rimmer

Tom Des Brisay

Bill and Sandy Dunn Fund

Paige Embry and Thor Tyson

Every Family Fund

Stephen Faciszewski and Virginia Klamon

The Falconers of Seattle

Adam and Carol Geballe

Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund

Brad and Michelle Goldberg

Matt Griffin and Evelyne Rozner

Helen and Max Gurvich Advised Fund

Lenore and Charles Hale Family Fund

Jay Hastings and Christine Susumi

Lucy Helm

Mrs. Ouida Hemingway and Mr. Holly Smith

Steven R. and Sandra L. Hill

Vaughn Himes and Martie Bohn

Holliday Family Foundation

Howard Family Fund

Tom and Julie Hull

Ikigai Fund

Mark and Laura Jennings

Jean Johnson and Peter Miller

Keith Johnson and Patricia Crockett

Jones Family Foundation

Drs. Steve and Hui Hong Kao

The Keeler Family

Ellen S. Kerr

Kongsgaard-Goldman Fund

Koon Family Trust

William and Jane Lewis

Nico and Diane Lovejoy

Caroline and Joseph Lu

John and Cristi Ludwig

Laura Ingham Lundgren

Pam Lyford

Macklemore, the Haggerty & Davis Equity Fund

John and Linda Mason

Shaula Massena

Mike C. Mathieu

McKibben Merner Family Fund

John and Lisa Merrill

Microsoft Alumni Network

Richard and Kathryn Miyauchi

Nancy and Wayne Morse

Mt. Washington Fund

Ron Norris and Linda Talley

Tom and Terri Olson Miller Family Fund

O'Neil Family Fund

Lea Anne and R. Joe Ottinger Fund

Susan Marie Payne

Pegasus Fund

Peltonen Family Fund

William Poole and Janet Levinger

Lora Ford Reed

Mike and Shelly Reiss

Satya & Rao Remala Foundation

Sherry Richardson

Frances Ringold and Scott Williams

Robbins Family Fund

Nat S. and Marian W. Rogers Fund

Kermit and Judy Rosen

Marla E. Salmon

Margrit Schubiger

Ms. Amy Shelton and Mr. Greg Laughlin

Ron and Eva Sher

Shields/Catholic Fund

Six Trees Family Fund

Richard and Cindy Sonstelie

Chris and Heidi Stolte

Helen R. Stusser

Alyssa and William Sunderland

Steve and Liann Sundquist

Paul and Linda Suzman

Donna Taylor

Lorraine Toly

Tandy and Susan Trower

David and Lolly Victor

Jean Walkinshaw

Kathleen M. Washienko

West Wind Fund

Steve and Diana White

Robert and Jan Whitsitt

Matthew Wiley and Janet Buttenwieser

Elliot Wilson

Sherri Wolson and Neil Black

H.S. Wright III and Kate Janeway

Erin Younger

Your Fairy Godmother


Anonymous (1,376)

Naseebunnisa Abdul

Cabrelle Abel

Paul Abel

Saeed Abtahi

Samantha Abzug

Joel Achenbach

Chima Acholonu

Gary Ackerman

Andrew Ackley

Andrew Acosta

Act of Giving

Anthony Adam

Amy Adams

Chris Adams

Patricia Adams

Rebecca Adams

Gary Adante

Vidya Adapala

Anirudha Adibhatla

Cynthia Adkins

Allan D. Affleck

Nick Afsah

Nikki Aga

Rajat Agarwal

Arushi Aggarwal

Aditya Agrawal

Emily Aguilar

Amina Aineb

Eric Aker

Anita Akopyan

Paul Albee

Ryan Albelda

Alexa Albert

Rochelle Alhadeff

Khushnaseeb Ali

Sarah Ali

Dustin Alin

All Star Directories, Inc.

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Lara Allen

Rebecca Allen

Robert & Constance Allen

Allender Family Fund

Eileen Allingham

Amanda Allison

Jeffrey Almario

Ben Alsin

Kristen Althizer

Samuel Alvarez III

Eric Aman

Britta Ambauen

Sandeep Ananthapadmanabhan

Hans Andersen

Jenae Andershonis

Bennett Anderson

Clayton Anderson

Jeff Anderson

Melinda Anderson

Nanci Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Scott Anderson

Taira Anderson

Gianna Andrews

Marcella Andrews

Jill Anstett

Mike Anthony

Thomas Antkowiak

Jessica Apfel

Katherine Apone

Katherine Applegate

Elena Arakaki

Arakawa Foundation

Meghan Arbuckle

Marianne Archey

Katy Ardans

Colin Arenz

Argo Giving Fund

Dana Arnim

Arnold Family Foundation

Robert Arnold

Joshua Arsenault

Christopher Arzt

McKenna Asakawa

Ashley Asdourian

The Ashar Aziz Fund

Sandeep Ashwini

John Aslin

Thomas Asp

Blair Atkinson

Kim Atkinson

Elwyn Aubry

Melanie Audette

Janis Augustin

Lucy Auster

Brenda Austin

Fred Averick

Henry and Tiffany Avery

Andrea Axel

Zach Azar

Aishwarya Babu

Jeff Bader

Bonnie Baffaro

Charles Bagley

Kevin Bail

Allison Bailey

Bainbridge Community Foundation

Bainum Family Foundation Fund

Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.

Brian Baird

Frank Baird

Carl Baker

Michael Baker

Kimaya Bakhle

Karlee Bakken

Anoop Balakrishnan

Shawn Baldwin

Wahhab & Kay Baldwin Charitable Fund

Bruce Balick

Nicholas Balko

Ball Corporation

Ashley Baltes

Angela Bandlow

Simona Bank

Jeannette Banobi

Sumita Barahmand

Emily Barber

Putnam Barber

Susanne Bardelson

Carolina Barlow

The Barnard Charitable Fund

Leslie Barnard

Jeremy Barnes

Adam Barnett

Natalie Barney

Vanessa Barone

Emily Barr

Shadi Barrall

Gerrit & Pat Barrere

Corneliu Barsan

Wendy Bartie

Dave & Mary Bartley

The Barton Family Fund

Megan Bartot

Kaitlin Basallo

Bask Family Fund

Bonnie Bass

Rebekah Bastian

Anasuya Basu

Drew Batchelor

Serena Batten

Conrad Bauer

Jacqueline Baum

Julia Bauman

Katherine Baumgartner

Haley Bavasi

Joshua Beach

Ann Beame

Lauren Beard

Timothy Beard

Beardsley Family Foundation

Chloe Beasley

Craig Beasley

Daniel Beauboeuf

Erin Beck

Daniel Becker

Beda Family Fund

Joe Beeler

Charles Beene

Michael Beenen

Juliette Behringer

Nisha Behrman

Sheryl Beirne

Nicole Belanger

Greg Bell

Bryan Belt

Arnold Bendich

Judith Bendich

Alison Benge

Alisha Benitez

Dan Bensky

Rodger Benson Giving Fund

Lauren Benveniste

Zoe Beretta Yoshinari on behalf of the Fight the Covid-19 Virtual Race

Blake Bergquist

The Bernstein Davenport Charitable Giving

Amy Bero

Kimberly Berry

Liz Berry

Ryan Bersentes

James Besancon

Wendy Besse

Gillianne Beyer

Indu Bhagavatula

Sumithra Bhakthavatsalam

Aarushi Bharal

Anita Bhide

Daniel Bianchini

Leigha Bice

Marisa Bickeboeller

Bobby Bickel

Amanda Bidwell

Tyler Biggs

Blake Biles

Hannah Binney

Erika Bird

Paul Birnbaum

Linda Biscoe

Hannah Bish

Stephen Bishop

William Bishop

Catherine Bisignano

John Bisignano in memory of John Alexander Bisignano

David Bjelland

Karen Bjorback

Brent Black

Cory Black and Mondi Basmenji Giving Fund

Suzanna Blahna

Bayard Blair

Caroline Blankenship

Brett and Liz Blasingame

Meagan Blazey

Steve Bley

Lindsey & Alan Blickenstaff

Karenna Blomberg

Lauren Bloomenfarm

Shawn Blossey

Aaron Bluestein

Deborah Bluestein

Dina Blum

Benny Boa

Bobo Foundation

Ashley Bockman

Matthew Boffey

Georgia Bohm

Courtney Bohrnstedt

Christopher Boia

Bridget Boland

Sarah Bollard

Leslie Bond

Claire Bonham-Carter

Adam Bonner

Amy Bonney-Hoffman

Julie Boor

Daniela Borchmann

Veronica Borgonovi

Richard Borton

Andrew Bostrom

Emily Botts

Catherine Bourdeau

Jeanne Bourget

Sheri Bowell

David Bowermaster and Annie Livingston

Ryan Bowler

Bob Bowman

Brandon Boyd

Hart Boyd

Kai Boyd

Keith Boyd

David & Debra Boyle

Kristen Brackman

Kathleen Braden

William Braden

Anne Bradley

Theresa Bradley

Mark Bradner

Jonathan Bragg

Stephanie Brandon

Alyssa Brandt

Julie Brandt

Allison Branham

Lindre Brant

Jacqueline Branz

Ashley Braun

Beth Braun

Caroline Brawner

Adam Brazil

Jennifer Brennan

John Brew

Dori Brewer

Megan Brewster

Katie Briggs

Lucinda Briggs

Bright Funds Foundation

Susan Brin

Burton Brink

Tina Brister

Theresa Britschgi

Brooke Brod

Jeremy Bronson

Jeannie and David Brooks

Katie Brooks

Sophie Brougham

Matthew Brown

Rick Brown on behalf of the Virtual Beer Run

Daniel Brown

Graham Brown

Jill & Steve Brown

Mackenzie Brown

Michael Brown

Rachel Brown

Suzanne Brown

Kathrine Browne

Lauren Brucato

Megan Bruce

The Bruchner Huhman Family Fund

AJ & Mike Brush

Erica Brust

Lori Bruton

Denise Bruxelles

Craig and Susan Bruya

Belinda Bryan

Brody Bryant

Nancy and Andrew Buchanan Charitable Giving Account

Tucker Buchy

Jarrod Buckley

Dorothy Bullitt

Blue Bunch

David Bunker

Kim Buonocore

Alexandra Buraczynski

Kira Burge & Guy Merrill

Susan Burgess

Eve Burhenne

Julie Burke

David & DeeAnn Burman

Raun and Jeremiah Burnham

Andrew Burns II

Stephanie Burns

Trevor Burns

Daniel Burnstein

David Burris

F Robert Burrows

Tom & Rebecca Burt

Valerie Bush

Haydn Bush

Katie Bush

Butler Family Foundation

Andrew Butler

Kate Byers-Jensen

Michael Byron

Isabel Cachola

Mary Cadera

Lily Cael

Carol Cahill

Pamela Cahn

Elizabeth Cain

Jeffrey Cain

Christina Cala

Marcia Caldwell

Angelo Calfo

Andrew Camarda

Rebecca Camarda

The Thomas Campbell Giving Fund

Debbie Campbell

Vicki Campbell

Daniel Canales

Norma Candia and Chris Spitters

Stefanus Candra

Jana Cannon

The Capen Iverson Family Charitable Fund

Vito Capezio

Alia Carbajal

Chaya Carey

Tara Carey

Michael Carley

Carlson Charitable Fund

Shannon Carman

Lindsey Carnett

The Carney & Hurley Charitable Fund

Maria Carney

Kim Caron Designs

Emily Carpenter

Alonso Carrillo

Karin Carrillo

Colleen Carroll

Michael Carroll

Nicola Carroll

Joel Carsley

Sheree Carson

Alexa Carver Charitable Gift Fund

Madeline Casey

Ben Cashin

Chris Cass

Catherine Cassady

Jennifer Cast

Lisa Castaneda

Nicholas Castorina

Dariene Castro

Casual Industrees Supporters

Amber Cates

Molly Caulfield

Kate Causey

Rachelle Celebrezze

Charles Celerier

Joseph Cerulli

Andrea Cescolini

Leda Chahim

Shreya Chakrabarti

Elizabeth Chamberlain

Michelle Chamberlin

Danny Chan

Mavis Chan

Aditi Chandak

Ashlie Chandler

Tiffany Chang

Hannah Chapin

Patricia Chapman

Leah Charbonneau

Chase Family Philanthropic Fund

Karan Chaudhry

Chen Wang Charitable Fund

Alpha Chen

Christopher Chen

Erin Chen

Jennifer Chen

Liang Chen

Lingji Chen

Mark Chen

Sifang Chen

Suili Chen

Rose Cheng

Won-Han Cheng

Mario Chenier

Kate Chesnutt

Shelley Chestler

Ganapathy Chidambaram

Xenia Chilkowich

Mei Chi Chin

Thomas Chin

Hannah Chiodo

Vincent Chiu

Yejin Choi

Yongbai Choi

Jessica Chong

Jolie Choquette

Priyanka Choudhury

Rajib Choudhury

Gladys Chow

Eric Christensen

Karen Christenson

Theresa Christiani

Christine Christine

Laura Christofferson

Lisa Christofferson

Valinda Christophersen

Dezhang Chu

Yvone Chun

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Amy Clapper

The Clarius Group in honor of Agnes Chang

Carley Clark

Christopher Clark

Sharon Clark

Peter Clarke

Stacey Clawson

Steve Clayton

Debbi Cleary

Jessica Cleghorn

Rebecca Clements

Rosemary Cleppe

Debra Cobain

Ben & Melissa Cober

J. Coburn

Cocales Giving Account

Hope & Peter Cochran

Sandra Coe

Cohen-Cline Giving Fund

Alan Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Eliza Cohn

Oliver Colbert & Eric Olson Charitable Fund

Leslie Cole

Dylan Coleman

Jacob Colker

Robert Colleran

Laura Collins

Matthew Collins

Ross Collins

Forrest Collman

Ann Colowick

Jared Columbo

The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central VA

Community Relief Fund

John Compton

Sarah Conklin

Cory Connelly

Brendan Connolly

Douglas Conrad

Isabel Conrad

Haylee Conradi

Jaron Cook

Miriam Cook

Tatiana Cooke

Christen Coomer

Claire Cooney

Stephan Coonrod

Bradley Cooper

Coppei Creek, Inc

George Corbett

Danielle Cordon

Kent Corley

Marc Cosentino

Ashley Costanzo

Stephanie Costello

Patty Coster

Melanie Coulson

Amy Coulter

James Count

Scott Counts

Kathryn Courtney

Victor Couto

Justine Cowan

Keith Cowan

Matthew Cowsert

Kristin Cox

Dina and Mark Craemer

Murphy Crain

Margo Crandall

Jay Creech

Jessica Creighton

Alex Crick

Nico Crisafulli

Sten Crissey

Dick and Lynne Croft

Matt and Lisa Crosby

Barbara Crotty

Jennifer Crouch

Liz Crouse

Terrence R Crowley & Manuela Crowley

Toni Crutchfield

Amanda Cruz

Carly Cruz

Jenica Cruz

Chloe Csadenyi-Benson

Maren Culter

Jill Cunanan

Bryan Cunitz

Bonnie Curran

Shannon Curran

Hannah Currie

Margaret Curtin

Jason Curtis

Joseph Cutrell

Krzysztof Czaja

Dustin Dacuan

Amy Dahl

Carol Dahl

Hui Dai

Chris Dail

Candyce Daly

Kathleen Daly

Amy Daly-Donovan

Lena Dam in honor of Carol Gillespie

Eric Dameron-Drew in honor of Jan Dameron

Valerie Danforth

Danilo Soriano Family Foundation

Alice and Brint Darlington Giving Fund

Heather Darst

Shibani Das

Zoe Dash

Roshan Dathathri

Will Daugherty

Alexander Davenport

Joy Davenport

Ruby Davey

John Davies

Susy Davila

Bob & Linda Davis Fund

James Davis

Jennifer Davis

Kate Davis

Margaret Davis

Nicholas Davis

Mark Davison, Kathleen Galloway

Cindy Day

Barbara de Braganca

Eve De Cremiers

Jac de Haan

Jacqueline de Leon-Estes

Michael Deal

In honor of Nate Deam, Laura Ciotti, Stephanie & Josie Deam, and Jordan Deam

Richard Dean

Robin Dearling

Adi Debiche

Krista DeBusschere

Nicole DeCario

Kristen Deffenbaugh

Melanie DeJong

Karina Delaine

Mary Delateur

Erica Delavan

DeLille Cellars LLC


Anne Delmar


Chad Delrose

Benjamin Demboski

Steven Demlow

Sarah Dennis

Scott and Kathy Dennis

Gregory Denton

Aditi Desai

Mayur Deshpande

Emily Desmond

James Deutsch

John and Julie Deutscher

Kelsey Devoille

Carolyn DeVolder

Robert DeWeese

Katherine Dewey

Subhas Dey

Akshay Dhokale

Bruce Dick

Trish Dickey

Jeremy Dickson

Ayn Dietrich-Williams

Alyson Dietz

Isabel Dietz Hartmann

Julie DiJoseph

Terry DiJoseph

Kelsea Dill

Leilani Dimatulac

Dire Family Charitable Fund

Gaurav and Bharti Dixit

Erika Dixon

Lauren Dixon

Lisa Do

Jessica Dodd

Anastasia Doerr

Carol Doerr

Daniel Doherty

Aaron Dokey

Suzanne Dolberg

Allegra Domel

Yancy Dominick

Kate Donnelly Klink

Joe Donohoe

James Donohue

Shannon Dorsey

Dawn Dort

Ann Doubleday

Kirsten Douglas

Diane Douglas & Steve Perlmutter

Tom Douglass

Douglas Downey

Amy Drackert

Amanda Drake

The Drape Family Fund

Miriam Drapkin

Driesbach Miller Giving Fund

Dave Drinkward

Wayne Drinkward

Christine Droker

Michael Dryja

Imelda & John Dulcich

Jennifer Dumas

Laura Dunaway

Jodi Duncan

Peter Duncan

Jason Dunkelberger

Dunkle Family Charitable Fund

Wiley Dunlap-Shohl

Kelsi Dunn

Kathleen Dunn

Peter Dunn

Heather Dunning

Jeff Dunning

Lorri Dunsmore

Mylien Duong

Truc Duong

Dupree Family Foundation

Venkatesh Duraibabu

Allison Durbin

Heidi Durham

Michaela Duriskova

Jennifer Durrie

Michael Dussault

Jemila Dwyer

Chris Dyer

Heather and Shawn Eady

Andrea Eason

Carol Eastman

Lisa Eaton

eBay Foundation

Jamie Eckhardt

Cara Egan

Karl Ege

Cora Eifert

Nancy Eiselt

Erin Eiseman

Kevin Elberts

Tamer Eldeeb

Susan Elderkin

Eleveld Family Giving Fund

Rod Eligio

Adrienne Elliott

Kelsey Elliott

Ellsworth Charitable Account

Dustin Embrey

Lynda Emel

Geoffrey Emmer

Carol Enderson

Jesse Enlund

Jim Erckmann

Gerhard Erdelji

Dean Ericksen

Monique Erickson

Matthew Erim

Jamie Ersbak

Alice Erwin

Erica Escajeda

April Escamilla

Victor Escher

Amos Eshel

Sarah Eshelman

Steve Esmaili

Cesar Espindola

Jodi Estalilla

Lily Estrada

Mehdi Ettehadulhagh

Mehdi Ettehadulhagh

The Ivone and Oren Etzioni Fund

Godfrey Evans

Amanda Evans

Matthew Evans

Collin Evenson

Every Family Fund

Katie Ewing

Jacqueline Exline

Hannah Exner

Solly Ezekiel

Polly Fabian and Craig Seasholes

Andrew Fahlund in honor of Phil Stoiber

Nathan Fahrer

Susan Fahringer

Galen Fairbanks

Susan Jill Fairchild

Terry Falk

Nova Fallen

Yi Fang

Lisa Farin

Dorothy Faris

Elaina Farley

Karen Farley

Mike Farmer

Robert Farmer

Wells Farnham

Benjamin Farrow

Donna Faulk

Sarah Faulkner

Brooke and Josh Feinerman

Sergey Feldman

F Chandler Felt

Angela Feng

Lawrence Fennell

Philip Fenner

Kelsey Fennerty

Matthew Fergoda

Ellen Ferguson

Lynne Ferguson

Carrie Fevaleaki

Alante Fields

Anne Fiero

Matt Fikejs

Tara Findley

Fine Katz Family Donor Advised Fund

Alex Fine

Bret Finkelstein

Judith A. Finn

Kevin Finn

Fischer Family Fund

Susan Fitch

Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Jac Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzhenry

Thomas FitzHugh

Sean Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Lauren Fitzpatrick

Desiree Fixler

Patrick Elliot Flautt

Mark Flehmer

John Flinn

George Flood

Nonna Florendo

Kerry Flory

Tayler Fluharty

Christopher Flume

Christine Flynn

Jack Foerster

Seth Fogarty

Christina Fogg

Lauren Foley

Robert Foley

Tyler Folsom

Lauren Forconi

Ben Ford

Rachelle Ford

Anne Forsythe

Cela Fortier

Lisa Foss

Connor Fosse-Stadler

Jordon Foster

Christine Foster

Darius Foster

Foundation Source

Bradley C. Fowler

Nick Fradkin

Carole Franco

Stephen Frank

Yarrow Frank

Jesca Franke

Gary Frankel

Cordelia Franklin

Richard Franko

Larry Franks

Joel Frauenheim

Kathleen Fredrickson

Eric Freeman

Kelly Freeman

Alexandra French

Rebecca Frestedt

Elise Friedbauer

Jenna Fritz

Michele & Noah Frix-Dassel

Ian Froning

Nikki Frumkin

Stephanie Fry

Naishin Fu

Elaine Fukushima

Rebecca Fuller

Ryan & Jen Fuller

Moira Fulton

Srirama Sekhar Gadepalli

Michelle Gail

Richard Gain

Joanne Gainen

Bianca Galam

Cassandra Galante

Matt Gale

Daniel Galindo-Navarro

John Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher

The Dorothy Gannett Fund

Kirsten Gantenbein

Jacqueline Garces

Lisa Garcia Torres

Martin Garfinkel

Garg-Pahwa Giving Fund

Alyson Garland

Linda Garrido

Amanda Garris

Bradley Garrison

Theresa Garrison

Susan Garske

Crystal Gartner

Gates Ventures LLC

Catherine Gates

Paul S & May C Gauvin Foundation

Jacob Gavin

Kasia Gawlas

Megan Gayman

Jean Gea

Steven Gelb

Wendy Gelbart

Teo Gelles

Hannah Gelman

The Gendelman-Heaton Family Foundation Fund

Nathaniel Gerthe

Maya Ghali

Mark Ghanooni

Norair Ghazarian

James Gibson

Shane Giddens

Joshua Gidding

Morgan Gierke

David Giffen

Gifts via MightyCause Charity (multiple donors)

Gifts from ActBlue Charities Inc (multiple donors)

Gifts from Facebook (multiple donors)

Gifts from PayPal Giving Fund (multiple donors)

Gifts from RunSignUp (multiple donors)

Gifts via ActBlue Charities Inc (multiple donors)

Gifts via Amazon Payments (multiple donors)

Gifts via Facebook (multiple donors)

Gifts via RunSignUp (multiple donors)

Gifts via YourCause, LLC

Anna Gilbert

Craig Gilbert

Madeline Gilbert

Olivia Gilbert

Kathleen Gilkey

Howard Gillis

Laura Gillman

Julie Gilmour

Joy Gilroy

Joanne Giordano

Judi Gladstone

Brian Glaister

Cameron Glasscock

Julia Gleason

Beth Glosten

Melissa Glynn

Becky Gmahling

Evan Goetzmann

Marcelle Goggins

Katherine M Gold Giving Fund

Kathryn, Aaron, Lev and Maya Goldfeder Giving Fund

David Goldberg

Jill Golden

Matthew Golder

Goldman, Sachs & Co

John Goldrick

Bryce Goldsen

Harrison Goldwyn

Karina Golkova

Georgia Golla

Anna Gonzales

Run for Good in honor of Amanda Entriken

Ken Goode

Karen Goodfellow

Christine Goodrich

Frances Goodstat

Alicia Goodwin

Gail Goralski Charitable Account

Valerie Gorder

Mikhail Gordin

Chris Gordon

Connor Gordon

Scott Gordon

Sachin Goregaoker

Joe Gorney

Christian Gorry

Valient Gough

Gail Gove

Gown Family Charitable Gift Fund

Lorraine Graeff

Delanie Graettinger

Janice Granberg

Peter Grand

Eric Grant in honor of Veronica Lebednik

Megan Graves

Gray Johnson Family Fund

Christopher Gray

Miriam Gray

Rachel Gray

Jean Greaves

Jonathan Green

Liam Greenamyre

Jordan Greene

Andrew Greene

Seth Greenfest

Ester Greenfield

Peter Greenfield

Tom Greenleaf

Janet Greenlee

Kyle Greenley

Alexandra Greenwald

Sarah Greenwalt

Brad & Susan Greenway

The Greer/Solien Fund

Bert Gregory

Debbie Greiner

Scott Greivell

Bridgit Griessel/Betz Family Winery

Leo Griffin

Carla Griffith

Colleen Griffith

Dmitry Grigorenko

Melissa Grimm

Zandra Grissom

Florent Groberg

Andrew Groen

Colleen Groll

Ryan Groshong

Jonathan Gross

Josh Gross

Carol Grossmeyer

Artefact Group

Grousemont Foundation

Mollie Grow

Brianna Grozak

Thomas Grubbs

Ian Grunfeld

Yijia Gu

Peter Guarino

Henry Gueringer

Loida Guerrero

Eufrocina Guevarra

Juliette Guilbert

Samuel Guirado

Samira Guirguis

Elizabeth Gulleen

Kangesh Gunaseelan

Noah Gundersen

Juliana Gunnarsson

Rachel Gunsalus

Sunny & Prerna Gupta

Amiya Gupta

Sara Gupta

Candace Gurney

Kamuron Gurol

Kendall Guthrie

Daniel Gutierrez

Rebecca Gutterman

Jacob Guza

Hannah Haas

Melissa Haas

David Habib

Kyle Hadley

Michael Haeger

Jennifer Hagander-Luanava

Mark Hagemann

Jeremy Hagen

Carmen Hagios

Lorinda Hagstrom

Luke Haider

Rob Haitani

Bryan Hale

The Hall Family Fund

Bruce Hall

Clarke Hallum

Jonathan Halperin

Christopher Halter

Sarah Hamilton

Abigail Hamilton

Kevin J Hamilton and Michelle G Hamilton

Seong Hyun Han in honor of UW Bioengineering students

Allison Handy

Scott Haney

Steve Hanks

Robert Hanlon

Jill Hannah

Ashley Hansen

Claudine Hansen

John Hansen

Katie Hansen

Sherry Hansen

Emily Hanson

Lisa Hanson

Riley HansonSmith

Alvin Hao

Sean Happenny

Sharon Harada

Marcia Harding

The Larry J Harle Charitable Fund

Walter Harley

Harper-Markoff Family Fund

Danielle Harper

Erin Harper

Mark Harpring

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Mary Harrison

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Nicole Harter

Marla Hartman

MaryAnn Hartman

Mark Harviston

David Hastie

Tiffany Hatchett

Chris Hatfield

Jen Havener

Hawkes Law Firm

Haydon Giving Fund

Kathryn Hayes

Gerri Haynes

Michael Hayward

Sharon Hazzard

YingYi He

Headwaters Coaching, LLC

Ada Healey

Greg Hearn

Heidi Heath

Sofie Hecht

Nathaniel Hedman

Martha Heid

Alexander Heilman

Meredith Heintz

Gregory Heiss

Thomas and Lynn Heller

George Helmholz

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Duncan and Erin Hendrick

Robert Henke

Henley Leadership Group Inc.

Brian Henn

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Sarah Henrikson

Claire Henry

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Jeremy Herbel

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Dena Herbolich

David Herdrich

Dianna Hergott

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Lenore Hernandez

Frances Herr

Doug & Barb Herrington

Kate Hertweck

Madeline Herzog

Victoria Hester

Adam Hetnarski

Joe Hetrick

Ursula Heuscher

Heverley Family Giving Fund

Patricia Hewitt

Corinne Hicken

Janice Hickey

Rose Hickman

Ryan Hicks

Higashiyama Family Charitable Fund

Jean Higgins

Pete Higgins

David Higley

Linda Hildreth

Michelle Hilf

Karin Hill

Linda Hill

Stephen Hill

Robert and Carol Hille

Stephanie Hilliard

Christopher Hillman

Megan Hillyard

Bruce Hilyer

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Katie Hinman

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Catherine Hinrichsen

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David Hogg

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Sara Hojjat

Nicholas Holden

Paul Holland

Amy Holliday

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Holtzen Family Fund

Jacob L & Lillian Holtzmann Foundation

Elizabeth H Hom

Homestreet Foundation

Eric Honea

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Aubree Hoover

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Mary Kay Huber

Nikko Huertas

MacKenzie Huff

Hufford Family Giving Fund

Hughes Family Fund

Rachel Hultengren

Human Fund

Sophie Hager Hume Charitable Fund

Margaret Hundis

Hsiao Hung

Jason Hunke

Cody Hunter on behalf of Bug Hunter and their fans

Olivia Hunter

Jane and David Huntington

Hanna Hupp

Mollie Huppert

Dana Hurley

Isabel Hurley

Charles Hurt

Kae Hutchison

Nga Huynh

Michael Huynh

Albert Hwang

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Oleksandra Ianchenko

Gina Iandola

Andrea Ichikawa


Rejean Idzerda

Katherine Idziorek

Kyle Igarashi

Edward Iglesias

Naja Iglesias

Sallie Igou


Impinj Inc.

Joe Imwalle

Perteet Inc

The Mary Ingraham, James Brown Family Fund

Jason Inman

Katherine Iritani

Erin Ishizaki

Saad Ismail

Chris Iverson

Alison Ivey

Glen Iwasaki

Jill Jackson

Deborah L Jacobs and Diane L Andolsek

Grace Jacobs

Jan Jacobs

Janet Jacobs

Jeffrey Jacobs

Robert Jacobs

Jacobson Charitable Fund

Anne Jacobson

Tram Jacobson

Esekiel Jaggernauth

Nikhil Jain

Sachin Jain

Stuti Jain

Leena Jaiswal

Patrick Jakubowski

Carol Jakus

Jan Jakut

Elias Jalaluddin

Ekaterina Jardim

Jordan Jarrett

Karen E Jaskolka Charitable Fund

David Jekel

Monwhea Jeng

Robin Jenkinson

Judy Jennison

Brianna Jensen

Erik Jensen

Benjamin Jenson

Magnar Jenssen

Stefanie Jeppesen

Zhanzhan Jia

Vicky Jocson

Glen John

Barbara Johns

Johnson Tanzen Family Trust

Allison Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Chad Johnson

David Johnson

Greg Johnson

Janine Johnson

Katelyn Johnson

Mark Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Michael Johnson

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Nancy Johnston

Noah Johnson

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Soren Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Whitney Johnson

Stuart Jones

Amber Jones

Blake Jones

Caroline Jones

Chris Jones

Jamee Jones

Jett Jones

Carole Jordan

Tiffany Jordan Rodriguez

Tyler Jorgensen

Jessica Jortberg

Christi Juchmes

Kathleen Judd

Kelsey Juddo

Soyoung Jung

Juniper Foundation

Gordana Juric-sekhar

Bryan Jury

Mark Jyringi

Olivia Kaatz

Heather Kachel

Anne Kagi

Ruth Kagi

Sondra Kahler

Andrea Kahn

Erin & Brad Kahn

Hassan Shahid Khan

Julie Khan

Steve Kahn

Simardeep Kalra

Tatiana Kaminsky

Richard Kane

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

David and Anita Kaplan

Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi

Lilia Karimi

Bailey Kass

Louise Kato

Marilyn Katz

Cheryl Kauffman

Rachelle Kauffman

Sarah Kaufmann-Fink

Rebecca Kavoussi

Ryusei Kawano

Natalie Kaye

Kathy Kazmierski

Yi Ke

Annamarie and JP Kealy

Helen Kearny

Paul Keating

Ben Keeler

Andrew Keep

Gary Keizur

Kevin Kelleher

Jennifer Keller

James Kelley

Julia Kellison

Alicia Kellogg

Belinda Kelly

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Lyndee Kemp

Dennis Kenig

Katelin Kennedy and Ben Howell

Marianna Kennedy

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Mary Kerr

Julie Kerssen

Teri Kertson

Fritz Kessler

Ketcham Fier Family Fund

Paula Kett

Aidan Key

Sunita Khadka

Hrishikesh Khamkar

Nayab Khan

KHS Senior Assassin

Anthony Kidd

Reiley Kidd

Marina Kifa

Pamela Kilborn-Miller

Patricia Killam

Sandra Kilroy

PM - Dana & Shane Kim Foundation

Andy Kim

Anna Kim

ChiEun Kim

Daniel Kim

Gary Kim

Gloria Kim

Jongwook Kim

Julia Kim

Justin Kim

Ned Kim

Owen Kim

Sophie Kim

Taeeun Kim

Youn-Jung Kim

Conrad Kimball

Larry Kimball

Elizabeth Kindred

Jonathan King

Leandra King

Mona King

Tom King

Valerie King

Daisy Kingham

Brian Kinnear

Rodney Kinney

Toby Kinney

Gary Kirk and Norma Fuentes

Laura Kirkland

Kelly Kirkland and Matt Turner

Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Linley Kirkwood

Gokhan Kirlik

Paul Kizior

Ben Klasky and Lisa Timmins

Katherine Klauser

Mark Klebanoff

Allison Klein and Ketan Dalal Charitable Fund

Michael Klein

Stephen Klem

The Klevit Hopkins Fund

Denis Klimashev

Jennifer Knopf

Vlada Knowlton

Derek Ko

John Koch

Jordan Koch

Lisa Koch

Suzanne Koch

Kodavalla Family Charitable Fund

Ted Koehn

Melissa Koenig

Kate Koering

Steve Koh

Kathryn Kohm and Charles Ayers

Brooks Kolb

Joanna Konieczny

Jennifer Koogler

Leslie Kooy

Ishan Korde

Lynne Kornblatt

Sondra Kornblatt

Louise Kornreich

Angela Korvas

Jerome Kosman

Srikanth Kotagiri

Chitra Koti

John Koval

Roselle Kovitz

Sarah Kowalske

Katie Kowalsky


Dean Kralios

Fern Krasney

Lisa Kraus

Jeffrey Krauss

Katrina Krebs

Kressel-Frankenburg Family Fund

Tom Kreyche & Liz Longsworth

Christa Kriesel-Roth

Madhu Krishnan

Eric Kruger

Maryam Krupa

Danielle Kuchler

Jay Kuhn

Mary Kuhner

Abigail Kuic

McKenzie Kuiken

Daniel Kujawinski

Kimberly Kuo

Yuva Pavan Kurapati

Rebecca Kurle

Aparna Kurupati

Amy Kutz

Anna Kwa

Tia KwanBock

Matthieu Labbe

Joshua LaBounty

Monalisa Labrador

Melissa Lacey

Keith Laepple

Gillian LaFond

Alexandra Lai

The Laird Norton Family Foundation

Laird Norton Company

Laird Norton Family Foundation

Laird Norton Wealth Management

Vivek Lakshmanan

Alex Lalario

Lyndsay Lam

Peter Lamonica

Jess Lampe

Morgan Lampe

Julianne Lamsek

Bridgette Landers

Madison Landers

Denise Landro

Adam Lang

Hal Lanse

Michael Lapin

Jenna Larson

Hisako Laschober

Brooke Lather-McElligott

Kevin Latschaw

Jenni Laughlin

Susan Laun

Shelley Lause

Tara Lause

Amy Law

Frank Lawler

Ann Lawrence

Diane Lawrence

Chris Lawson

Nathalie Lawyer

Nhat Le

Ronan Le Bras

Ryan Lechner

Aaron Lee

Bry Lee

Chelsea Lee

Cheston Lee

Jill Lee

The Jean Lee and Owen Gehrett Giving Fund

Kai and Michelle Lee Giving Fund

Kevin Lee

Morgan Lee

Sophie Lee

Jes Lefcourt

Michael Lehenbauer Giving Fund

Kathryn Lei

Katie Lei

Lemson Family Fund

David Leon

Jason Leong

Diane Leonidas

Brian Lerner

Brian Leslie

Krystal LeVeque in honor of the Matthews Family

Amy LeViere

Lewis C. Levin

Ruth Levine

Julia and Michael Levitt

Arlene Levy Donor Advised Fund

Michael Levy

Jeff Lew via PayPal Giving Fund/GoFundMe

Nathaniel Lewin

Tess Lewis

Alexander Lewis

Carla and Don Lewis

Darryl Lewis

Abel Li

Hui Li

Michael Li

Ying Li

Wenling Liao

Libby Giving Fund

Jill Libow

Lars Liden

Guy Lidor

Judy Liedle

Joanna Lim

Krysta Lind

Aliscia Lindeke

Joan Louise Lindell Olsen

Marty Lindemann

Corina Linden

Jennifer Lindsay

Mabel Ling

Matthias Linnenkamp & Ashley Martin

Daniel Lipkie

Lipman Bovy Family Fund

Heather Lippert

Lana Lisitsa

JT Liso

Mariel Lisud

Kevin Litwack

Edward Liu

Anjie Liu

Eric Liu

Yilin Liu

Zhihui Liu

Elise Livingston

Stella Llewellyn

Christopher Lo

Stuart Loberg

Rachel Lodge

Donald K. Loeb

Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation

Kirsten Loechl

Charles Loeffler

Andrea Logue

Breanne Lomazow

Betty Long

Vicki Long

Ellen Look & Tony Cavalieri

Todd Loomer

Oscar Lopez in honor of Robert T. Nelsen

Joseph Lopez

Lopez-Lago Neidhardt Family Fund

Josh Lord

Mason Lorenz

James Lorenzo

Jim Loter

Kent and Carin Lottis

Maurie Louid

Kaari Loukusa

Maegan Lovell

John Loveridge

Elaine Lovre

Edward Lowe

Kris Lowe

Audrey Lowenthal

Ruoxi Lu

Xiao Nan Lu

Susan C. Lubetkin

Allyson Lucchese

Steve Ludvigsen

Svetlana Lukyanenko

Yang Luo

Jennifer Lushao

Olivia Lutz

Tran Luu

M3 and Lisa Sweatt Fund

Carmen Ma

MacCameron Fund

The MacDonald Family Fund

Alan MacDonald

Lisa & Ross Macfarlane

Jock Mackinlay

Darcy MacLaren

Michelle Maddox

Katie Madson

Marian Magai

Amalia Magaret

Jenn Magee

Adam Magid

Sean Maginnis

Caitlin Maguire

Apurv Mahajan

Christopher Maher

Huyen Mai

Rachel Maiorano

Michal Makar

Clint Malcolm

Andrew Maldonado

Joshua Maldonado

Hema Malhotra

Hemant Malik

Michael Mallett

Raghvendra Maloo

Pratik Malpe

Annu Mangat

Kyli Mann

Joanna Mantello

Virginia Manzano

Ana Marasovic

Joseph Marchesano

Martin Marcinkiewicz

Marguiles-MacKenzie Charitable Fund

MJ Mariano

Bernard Markey

Jen Marlowe

Jill & Joe Marotta in honor of Marie Bonnici Marotta

Cassandra Marquez

Jacob Marquez

Cailey Marsh

Kuyler Marsh

Allison Marshall

Shanna Marshall

Sunaree Marshall

Michael Marsolek

Daniel Marti

Claudia Martin

Douglas and Terri Martin Charitable Gift Fund

Matthew Martin

William Martineau

Cathy Martinez

The Martin-Fabert Foundation

Olivia Martins

Kori Martodam

Robert Masonis

Masouleh Charitable Fund

Deirdre Massaro

Amy Massey

John Massey

Jim Masson and Katie Heinrich Giving Fund

Melinda Mast

Becky Masters

Troy Masters

Chris Mateo Sharnbroich

Oliver Mathews

Lambert Mathias

Jennifer Matsuda

Carrie Matthews

Jennifer Matthews on behalf of Michael Bui

Sandra Matus

Helen Matzger

Shawn Mavrides

Ryan Maxwell

Damon May

Melanie Mayock

Joshua Maza

Jeremy Mazner

Aaron McAdie

Jonathan McAfee

Kathy McCabe

Claire McCallum

Jaime McCandless

Patrick Mcclear

Ann McClellan

Ruth McCole

Sarah McComb

Amy and Jon McCullough

Jodi McCullough

Thomas McCullough

Bruce and Kimberly McDermott

David and Pamela McDonald Family Fund

Brian McFadin

Keegan McFalls

Annie McGhee

Kathleen McGinn

Jennifer McGinty

McGovern Family - Jill and Andy McGov...

George McGrath

Sarah McGregor

Brian McGuigan

Emma McHugh

Steven McKean

Karyn McKelvey

Kaitlin McKinnon

Ryan Mclaughlin

Carla McLean

Peter McManus

Melissa McNeel

Rachel McNulty

Stephen McPhilemy

Colleen McQueen

Justin McWilliams

Julian Medina

Robert Meehan

The Meeker Rom Family Foundation

Jennifer Meeker

Courtney Melenchek

Michaela Melendez

Laurie Melton

Patrick Mende

Zach Mendelsohn

The Menon Bender Family Fund

Marie Mentor

Sarah Menzies

Sidney Merians

Chanel Merritt

Allison Merth

Dominic Metroplos Palo

Jeremy Metzler

Gaylene Meyer

Pamela Meyer

Tim Mhyre in honor of OSP staff

Sonja Michelsen

Gerald Mickle

Nathan Micklos

Jacqueline Micucci

Dmitry Migel

Crystal Milam

Azalea Miller

Barbara Miller

Brian Miller

Cadence Miller

Dakota Miller

Elizabeth Miller

John Miller

Lucy Miller

Seth Miller

Shont Miller

Stephanie Miller

Susan Miller

Ellen Milligan

Adam Milner

Veronica Minai

Minerva Strategies, LLC

Jacqueline Mintz

Jelve Mir

Ante Misura

Jennifer Mital

James Mitchel

Linda Mitchell

Richard Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell


Paul Miyake

Laurie Miyauchi

Brandon Moberg

Victor Modglin

Emilie Moeller

Jeffrey Moen

Steve Moen

Arabinda Mohapatra

Alex Moji

Diana Molkova

Teresa Monaghan

Jo Moniz

Coleen Monroe

Hannah Monson

Margaret Montgomery

Angie Montijo

Montlake Capital LLC

Britney Moody

Justin Moon

Ashley Moore

Caleb Moore

Julie Moore

Laura Moore

William Moore

Tom & Barbara Moore-Schwartz

Theresa Morelli

Sully Moreno Sayavedra

Amy Morgenstern

Morikubo Family Fund

Carla Morrill

Sean Morrin

Keri Morris

Cassandra Morris

Kelsey Morris

Steven Morris

Brian A. Morrison

Brian Morrison

Vance Morrison

John Morrow

Devon Mortensen

Will Mortensen

Kiyomi Morton

Donald Moseley

Martha & Colin Moseley

Maxwell Moser

Robert Moser

Sara Mosiman

Jason Moss

Mitchell Moss

Ann Mosso on behalf of Henley Leadership Group

Caitlin Moughon

Brian Mount

James Mowbray

William Mox

Madeline Moy in honor of Archana Ramachandran

Don Moyer

Lindsey Moyer

Phillip Mroz

Meera Mudholkar

Joseph Muhm

Elizabeth Muhm

Joseph and Holly Muhm

Haley Mullen

Tim Mulligan

Annette Mumford

Hemanth Munipalli

Lauren Muraco

Laura Murahashi

Gunjan Murarka

Angela Muriithi

Brian Murphy

Kara Murphy

Kelly Murphy

Elisa Murray

John Murray

Deepika Muthukumar

Rahul Nadkarni

Shirish Nadkarni

Behnosh Najafi

Fnu Najih

Mark Nakagawa

Yuki Nakajima

Christopher Nam

Joan Namdar

Praveen Kumar Nampally

David Nance


Nikolai Narma

Emily Nash

National Christian Foundation

Mina Nayeri

Ara Nazarian

Jay Neadles

Patrick Neaton

Sally Neff Greenberg

Emily Neilson Donor Advised Fund

Erik Nelson

Carlynn Nelson

Catherine Nelson

Gordon Nelson

Karen Nelson

Kaylee Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Spencer Nelson

Peter Neuenschwander

Cass Nevada

The New York Community Trust

Christopher Newell

Landon Newlin

Jessie Newman

Roxanne Newton

Ng Demoreuille Gift Account

Edmund Ng

Fion Ng

Jennifer Ng

Cam Nguyen

Grant Nguyen

Trung Nguyen

Jiahua Ni

Kristina Nicchi

Ngoc Nicholas

Janice Nichols

Leslie Nielsen

Massood Nikkhah

Sophia Nilan

Kyle Nineff

Nicole Noone

Chuck Nordhoff & Meribeth O'Connor

Nordstrom, Inc.

Eric Noreen

Amanda Norseth

Jennifer Northrup

Deanna Norton

Kevin Nuechterlein

Null Family Charitable Fund

Kimberly Nyhous

Horst Obereder

Kelly OBrien

Wayne Oda

Deanne Odell

Lucy O'Keefe

Jacob Okleberry

Akeem Olabode

Robin Oldfield

JoAnn Oliver

Mark Olsen

Olson Giving Fund

Clint Olson

Craig Olson

Lisa Olson

Michele Olson

Mariah Olson

Ron Olson

Stephanie Olson

York Olszewski

Stephanie O'Malley

Jacob On

One4All Charitable Fund

OneBeacon Insurance Group

Alicia ONeill

Anne O'Neill

Phebe O'Neill

Leann Onishi

The Oppily 127 Fund

The Oregon Community Foundation

Luis Orihuela

Christopher Orndorff

Seth Orr

Ruben Ortega and Melissa McNally

Hanna Ory

Shannon Osborne

Bethany Osborne & Rusty Sticha

Logan Osgood-Zimmerman

Lily O'Shea

Lawrence Osterman

Kathleen O'Sullivan

Linda Oswald

Chelsea Otakan

Andrew Otwell

Sarah Outhwaite

Elizabeth Outlaw

Ruslan Ovechkin

Kacey Overstreet

Eric Owen

Russell Owen

Oxeon Partners Seattle Office - Ellie O'Brien, Ally Pace, Nishaant Lamaye, Joe Moreno, Julia Knorr, and Charlie Fick

Keiko Ozeki

Mr. P Fund

Alan Packer

Sarah Paetsch

Matthew Painley

Stacy Painter

Mike Palamuso

Frances Paley

Kara Palmer and Scott Johnson

Gayle C Palmer and Lay G Palmer Charitable Gift Account

Lindsey Palmer

Nancy Palmer

Pratik Palnitkar

Cindi Pan

Kiran Pandit

Jennifer Pang

Rebekah Pape

Parametric Portfolio Associates

Leanne Pardo

John Parejko

Luis Parga

Renee Parisio

Robert Park

Kathryn Parker

Sandra Parker Palileo

Emily Parkhurst

Emma Parkinson

Allison Parks

Mary Jane Parks

David Parnes

Stephen Parra

Parry Giving Fund

Jinat Parveen

Sajeemas Pasakdee

Amber Paschal

Nicholas Passantino

Robert Passberger

Kimberly Pate

Chintan Patel

Danielle Patlak

Patten Giving Fund

The Patterson Foundation, Inc.

Charles Patton

Brittney Paulsen

Joy Paulus

Dorothy Paun

Pay It Forward Gift Fund

PayNorthwest LLC

Payne Charitable Fund

Joan Peake in memory of Cornelius Bernard Lawyer‡

Jocelynn Pearl

Kathryn Pearson

Nancy Pearson

David Peck

Lindsay Pedersen

John Peel

Safa Peera

Dahra Perez

Perkins Coie LLP

Walter Perkins

Robby Perkins-High

Elana Perkoff

Louise Perlman


Heather Persson

Melissa Petersen

Kate-Lyne Petersen

Katharine Petersen

Robert M Petersen

Susan E. Peterson

Adam Peterson

Bryce Peterson

Edwin Peterson

Haley Peterson

John Peterson

Kelly Peterson

Reid Peterson

Susan Peterson

Leeza Petrov

Marianne Pettijohn

Ruth Pettis

Doug Pfeffer in honor of Linh Thai

Dyan Pfitzenmeier

Pfizer Foundation

John Phalan

Hanh Pham

Le Phan

Joseph Phelps

Erika Phelps Nishiguchi

Mary Philip

Kimberly Phillips

Lindsay Phillips

Lisa Phillips

Andrew Phung

Marissa Piazza

Beth & Paul Picardo

Swapna Pidady

M Katherine Pieper on behalf of Unionview Wealth Partners

Olivia Pierce

Thomas Pierce

Elizabeth Pina

Michael Pinckney on behalf of Pinckney Cookie Café

Juan Pinelli

Natalie Pinkerton

Bhavana Rishi Pinnamaneni

William Pinner

Nicole Pinney

Allison Pinter

Pivotal Ventures LLC

Wilson Platt

Laura Ploudre

Haley Plourde-Cole

Courtney Plumlee-Burdette

Jesscia Poe

Alice Poggi

Nicola Poirier

Kellen Polk

Moriah Pollock-Hawthorne

Jennifer Polson

Robert Poole

Edward J Poplawski & Kimball P Poplawski

Jennifer & Tim Porter

Thomas Porter

Deepika Rani Potti

Stephanie Potts

Tanya Potts

David Powell

Michelle Powell

Joanna Power

Jean Powers

Laura Poyneer

Raghunath Prabhu

Inez Keiko Pranoto

Abhishek Pratap

Richard Prentke

Brittany Presley

Sheila Preston Comerford

Terry Prether

Alison Prevost

Ashley Price on behalf of K Nordstrom

Elizabeth Price

Marlene Price

PRIME Electric

Eric Proctor

Robin Proebsting

James Proulx

Joy Pruitt

Wayne Pua

Gianna Lise Puerini Donor Advised Fund

Gianna Puerini

Alexander Puffer

Lewis Puleo

Tamera Pumphrey

Charles Purcell

Terrie Purkey

Prashanth Purnananda

John Putz

PWC Deals Team at Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Pyramid Communications staff

Annalise Quach

Kim Quach

Callie Querin

Nathan Quick

Chloe Quinn

Victoria Quinn

Carole Quiroz in memory of Glenn and Linnell Isoshima Linnell

Emily Rabe

Andrea Radick

Jake Ragen

Stephanie Raghubeer

Ramesh Rajagopalan

Siddarth Rajavelu

Anisa Ralls

Alex Ramiller

Julie Ramirez

Bhushan Ramnani

Erika Ramos

Vivek Rangaswamy

Anand Rao

Aprameya Rao

Carolyn Rappaport

Jordan Rash

Lori Rath

Adrienne Rathy

Michelle Rauschenbach

Michael Rawding

Margot Rawlins

Spencer Rawls

Douglas Raymond

Frank Raymond

John Raynolds

Karen Rea

Russell Reas

Devin Rebello

Michael Rechenberg

Richard Record

Bakkama Reddy

Mary Reddy

Jillian Redosendo

Melissa Reeder

Reeves Fund

Jeff Reguilon

Cherilyn Reimers

Marti Reinfeld

Kate Reingold

Sophie Reingold

James Reinhardsen

Jim Reinhardsen

Jason Reisenauer

Mallory Reiser

Melanie Reitz

Donna Reitzq

Scott A. Renschler

Justin Resnick

Nicholas Rettenmyer

Sara Reyerson

Valerie Reyes

Donna Reynolds

Isaac Rhew

Elizabeth Rice

Byron & Diane Richards

Charles Richardson Jr

Andrew Richardson

Judy Richardson

Judy M. Richardson

Kathy Richardson

Jill Richmond

Fernanda Richnak

Jessica Richter

Douglas Ricker

Janella Riegel

Aurora Riego

Todd Riffey

Tyler Rigsby

Joseph Riquelme

Rising Tide Fund

Rachel Rivera

Julie Roake

Kent Roberts

Alena Roberts

Bernadette Roberts

Kaijene Roberts

Mary Robertson

Christy Robertson

Rebecca Robertson

Luke Robinett

Daniel Robinson

Linda Robinson

Maren Robinson

Scott Robinson

David Robison

Antonio Roca

Leyla Rocchi

Jennifer Rodgers

Leo Maddox Foundation

Lauren Rodica

Jennifer Rodriguez

Uriel Rodriguez Bahena

Alicia Roe

Caroline Roe

Kathryn C Roeder

Christopher M. Rogers

Martin Rogers

Sara Rogge

Daniel Rohan

Janna Rolland

Francesca Romano

Jessica Roper

Julia Roper

Kimerly Rorschach

Andrea Rosa

Dominic Rose

James Paul Rose

Susan Rose

Louis Roseguo

Rachel Rosen

Robert Rosen

Brad Rosenberg

Karen Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenthal

Rebecca Rosenthal

Carola Ross

Emma Ross

Jill Ross

Michael Ross

Richard A. Roth and Charlene A. Curtiss

Alain Roy

Shubhayan Roy

The Royso Foundation

Rebecca Rubenstein

Alexandra Rubin in memory of Cornelius Bernard Lawyer‡

Hana Rubin

Jay and Rakuko Rubin

Ellen and Arthur Rubinfeld

Becky Rucker

Jason Rudd

Jessica Rudy

Jessinia Ruff

Rumphius Fund

Run for Good Racing

Erik Rundell

Susan Rundell

Brenette Rundquist

Louis Russell

Patricia Russell

Willow Russell

Meredith Ruth

Seanna Ruvkun

Callie Ryan

Denise Ryan

Nathaniel Ryan

Michael Ryder

Shane Ryland

Haly Rylko

Akiko Ryu

Sanford Ryza

S.B. Schaar & P.K. Whelpton Foundation

Marc Sachnoff

Amanda Sacknitz

Kali Sakai

Susan Salem

Christina Salib

Amanda Saline

Kateryna Salnykova

Sreeram Sama

Rajesh Sampath

Peter Samuels

Samantha Samulis

Jenna Sanders

Devshree Sane

Jane Leanne Santos

Miguel Sanz Sastre

Marie Sargeant

Amanda Sarikaya

Kunaal Sarna

Laura Saroufeem

Rituraj Satpute

Marybeth Satterlee

Anjana Satyanarayan

Heather Sawle

Nina Saxena

Sarah Saxton

Paul Sayre

Holly Scarlett

Walter Schacht

Gyorgy Schadt

Katherine Schaller

Amelia Scharrer

Heidi Schaus

Suzanne Scheele

Steven Scher

Jessica Schiffman

Chris Schilling and Cynthia Wong

Robert Schindler

Eric Schinfeld

Chris Schlechty

Greg Schlessinger

Donna Schmidt

Lucia Schmit

Theodore Schmitt

Joshua and Eileen Schnarr

Julie Schneider

Karena Schneider Charitable Fund

Susan Schneider

Kimberly Schoenberger

Kevin Schofield

Candace Schomburg

John Schoonover

Deborah Schor

Carolyn Schott

Dorothy Schott

Amy Schottenstein

Connie Schouviller

Benjamin Schreiber

Eric Schreiber

John Schreier

Jay Schulkin

Saahil Schwab

Allison Schwartz in memory of Benjamin Grant Wyde

Katherine Scott

Marcus Scott

Katherine Seale

Christina Sears

Seattle Gujarati Cultural Society

Nicholas Sedney

Kristy Seidel

Kristin Seidman

Carly Seifert

Meghann Seiler

Kenneth Selander

Tyler Sellon

Casey Selwyn

Sara Semritc

Souradeep Sen

The Seneca Real Estate Group, Inc.

Kalyan Sengupta

Jody Serl

Steven Seward

Sarah Shadid

Anna Shaffer

Simit Shah

Vishal Shah

Lana Shamdeen

Francine Shammami

Ben Shapiro

Scott Shapiro

Abhijeet Sharma

Torehan Sharman

Nathan Sharpe

Michael Shaw

David Shean

Eileen Sheats

Alice Shechter

Patricia Sheehy

Kammi Sheeler

Brittney Sheena

Pam and Frank Sheets and Bosl

Tivere Shemi

Max Shenfield

Casey Shepard

Mary Shepherd

Sherman Family Foundation

Margaret Sherman

Tracy Sherman

Ned Sherry

Anna Sherwood

Boqing Shi

Soichiro Shibata

Eric Shields

Jay Shih

Shiley-Ishino Giving Fund

Jin Shin

Shiosaki-Kim Family Fund

Michael Shiozaki

Hugh M. Shipman

Alice Shobe

Saral Shodhan

Shoji Family

Jodi Shook

Rebecca Shore

Chris Short

Susan Shortreed

Chen Shou

Mack Shultz

Barry Shuman

Breanna Shumann

Gena Shurtleff & Richard Wurdack

Vered Shwartz

Lisa Sibbett

Alexandra Sibole

Donald Siebers

Seth Siegal and Mary G. Doherty

Patricia Siggs

Emily Sikma

Claire Sikora

Luke Sikora

Ellie Siks

Silicon Valley Bank

Marcia & Peter Sill

Sevina Silva

Michael Silverberg

Simchuk Family Giving Fund

Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill

Simply Authentic LLC

Anna Simpson

Katherine E Simpson Fund

Miriam Sincere

Justin Singer

Alyssa Singh

Singley Family Charitable Fund

Khaled Sinno

Sam Skjonsberg

Elliott Skopin

Andy Slabaugh

Bradley Slatton

Katherine Slettvet

Aoife Smierciak in honor of Cinty Davis

Warren & Nancy Smith

Alexandra Smith

Arlene Smith

Bryce Smith

Brian Smith

Cassidy Smith

Cody Smith

Jonathan Smith

Kirsten Smith

Krista Smith

Lauren Smith

Mari Smith

Megan Smith

Michael Smith

Mike Smith

Teresa Smith

Elizabeth Smitth on behalf of Mobiquity Inc.

Hilary Smodic

Smrcina Family Fund

Angela Snider

Phillip Snyder

Jesse Snyder

Jennifer Sobeck

Karin Socha

Kirk Soderquist

Frances Solomon

Sarah Solomon

Nuttapong Sombutsiri

Gary Somers

Paul Son

Yuna Song

Emily Sonneland

Chris Sonnichsen

Shannon Sorensen

Brian Soriano

Len Sorrin and Kay Deasy Charitable Fund

David Soukal

Itala Souza

Kristine Sovde

David and Julia Spangler

Kailey Sparks

Steven Speicher

David Speirs

Emma Spickard in honor of Hannah Markus

Adrian Spinelli

Suzanne Spinelli

Laura Spradling

Jonathan Sprenke

Rachel Sreebny

Swetha Srinath

Ramanujan Srinivasan

Balasubramanian Sriram

Evelyn Sroufe

St. Jacques Generosity Fund

Joanna Stagg

Melanie Stam

Rose Stanley

Bethany Stanton

Fielding Stapleton in honor of Susan Rucker

Stella Stark

Alexi Stavang

Kimberly Steffensmeier

Katherine Steinglass

Meredith Stelling and Craig Shank

Dale Stenning

Allison Sterling

David Sterner

Eileen Stevens

Michael Stevens

Delphine and Charles Stevens, Stevens Family Foundation

Stevens-Mitchell Fund

Marcella Stewart

Hannah Stewart

Roland Stewart

Claire Stiles

Nya Stilwell

Lisa Stix

Nicolette Stocker

Gregory Stofanak

Genevieve Stokes

Daniel Stokley

Steven Stolder

Dara Storer

Matthew Stott

Steven Stout

Stacey Stovall

Carlie Stowe

Aristea Stratara

Corbin Stratton

Sandra & Ben Straughan

Autumn Strausbaugh

Barbara Strauss

Strawbridge Family Fund

Diana & Derek Streat

Mercedes Stroeve

Kathryn Stromme

Cognition Studio Inc

T.J. Stutman & Nora Burton

Cliff Su

Eniola Suley

Brenda Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Shawn Sullivan

Sally Sun

Autumn Sundown

Roland Suniula

Sireesha Sura

Samara Surface

Joseph Sutton-Holcomb

Shweta Swami

Julia Swan

Rebecca Swaney

Ben Swanson

Bronson Swanson

Frederick Swanson

Julia Swanson

Kristin Swanson

Swabha Swayamdipta

Lee Swedin in honor of Hannah Markus

Katherine Sweeney

Lisa Sweet

Amy Sweigert

John Swinbank


Alexis Sypek

Szeliski and McCoy Giving Fund

Wayne Szydtowski

Tracy Tackett

The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Mustafa Bilal Tahir

Emiko Tajima

Naoko Tajima

Hiromu Takao

Craig Tall

Susan Talton

Ariel Tam

Daniel Tam-Claiborne

Alfred Tan

Theodore Tanase

Ron and Tina Tanemura Family

Julia Tang

Tango Card

Shamir Tanna

Patrick Tanner

Taproot Fund

Marc Tardiff

Vincent Tasso

Brenda Tausch Lapora

Christopher Tavern

Tamsin C. Taylor

Abby Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Chase Taylor

Chris Taylor

Emily Taylor

James Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Kathryn Taylor

Kenneth Taylor

Lenka Taylor

Sarah Tedesco

Kara Teigen

Sameer Tejani

Robert & Izabela Tekiela Charitable Fund


Kenneth Temiyasathit

Sergey Ten

Edith Tenneson

Thaddeus Teo

Linda Teschner

Christopher Tezak

Thatcher Family Filanthropy

PM D&N Thacher Family Fund

Laurel Thacker

Emily Thaldorf

Kiran Thawardas

Catherine Thayer

Stephen Theodore

Kelky Thilen

Michael L Thomas & Phyllis A Romano

Natalie Thomas

Autumn Thompson

Brian Thompson

Christina Thompson

Kelbe Thompson

Lyndi Thompson

Margaret Thompson

Mark Thompson

Kevin and Allison Thorgerson

Carly Thornburg

Kate Thorson

Three Moon Collective

George Tibbits

Whit Tice

Tiedemann Advisors

The Timbie Family Charitable Fund

Devlin Timony-Balyeat

Mimi To

Eve Tobin

Goldie Tobin

Holly Todd

Megan Tomsky

Mandy Toomey

Sariah Toronto

Francisco Torres

Ivette Torres

Matthew Torres

Erik Torseth

Sarah Townsend

Leonard Tracy

Anne Tran

Chau Tran

Van Tran

Sara Trela

Karl Trewhela

Sebastian Tribbie

Meredith Triplett

Ekta Trivedi

Judy B. Trockel

Carly Truitt

David Tsai

Wanhsiu Tsai

Philip Tse

Victoria Tseng

Bing Tso

Koichi Tsunoda

Virginia Tufte

Nicole Tumey

Gregory Turbeville

Brian Turner

Kyle Turner

Samuel Turner

Stephanie Turner

John Tyler

Sean Tyler

John Tynes

Marc Uhlig

Bob Ulrich

Jane Uman

Ketan Umare

Annika Umbinetti

Umpqua Bank

Alison Underdahl

Laura Ann Unruh

Rania Uppal

Joseph Ushio

Shaista Usman

Cheryl Uyeji

Rebekah Vacarelo

Vivek Vadavattath

Sujit Vadi

Rebecca Vallespinosa

Gajan Vamatheva

William Van Buren

Debbie Van Der Hyde

Jennifer Van Dijk

Roy Van Duivenbode

Rachel Van Dyke

Liam van Eeden

Karen Van Genderen

Andrew Van Ness

Denali Van Ness

Steven Van Til

VanderSmith Fund

John Vander Sluis

Laura Vanderpool

Zachary VanSomeren

Harrison Van Til

Santiago Vargas Soto

Ariella Varley

Lori Varosh

Vidya Vasu-Devan

Katherine Vaughan

Michael Veitenhans

Elena Velkov

Genevieve Venable

J S Verdin

Madhup Verma

Vermeer Family Fund

Sara Vernam

Holly Vert

Katrina Vickerman

Codi Villalobos

Jessica Villanueva

Lorna Viloria

Jeffery Vincent

Abby Vincent

Jeffery Vincent

Mary Vincent

Robert Vincent

Vidyalakshmi Vinod

Jeannine Vinson

Alex Virga

Molly Vlahovich

Jan Vleck and Diane Tosh Family Charitable Fund

Jennifer Vo

Lisa Vo

Hattie and Arthur Vogel Family

Todd Vogel and Karen Hust

Kyle & Tracy Vogt Charitable Fund

Karan Vohra

Marjie Volk

Cecilia Vollert

Victoria Vongkhamchanh in honor of Kate Janeway

Victoria Vongkhamchanh in honor of T.A. McCann

Judy Vue

Vulcan Inc.

William Vuong

Kyle Wackowski

Kaveh Waddell

Jodi Wade

Braxton Wagner

Kathryn Wahlberg

Jim & Vicki Walch

Sheri Waldbauer

Jamie Waldock

Janelle Walhout

Walker Bevan Giving Fund

Kristin Walker

Lucinda Walker

Luke Walker

Reilly Walker

Ellen J. Wallach

Julie Waller

David & Nancy Walsh Fund

Timothy Walsh

Kymber Waltmunson

Linda Walton

Roderic Walton

David Wanczyk

Martin & Karen Wand

Tina Wang

Wang Dover Family Fund

Dora Wang

Emery Wang

Gan Wang

Jianqi Wang

Lucy Wang

Meng Wang

Stephanie Ward

Tarron Ward

Lynn Warner

Drew Warren

Fiona Warren

Dianne Wasson

Delores Barr Weaver Family Endowment

Rodney Weaver

Rick Weber

Kent Weber

Kurt Weber

Susanne Weber

Jim and Mary Ellen Weber

John Wechkin

Kuo-Chu Wei

Kathy Weibel

Michael Weidemann

Weiner Family Giving Fund

Mary Weir

Joshua Weisberg

Lowell Weiss

Eric J. Weiss and Kristen Forecki

Carol Welch

Weld Family Fund

Daniel Weld

Iliana Weller

Geoffrey Wellington

Emily Welter

Erica Wend

Claire Wendle

Esther Wenzel

Sajanie Werake

Timothy Wescott

Colleen West

Naomi West

Stephen West

Justinn West-Wheatley

Ed & Cecilia Whatley

Christopher Wheeler

The William R & Sandra L Wheeler Charitable Foundation Inc

Jennifer Whichello

Carol Whitaker

Kristin White

Robert White on behalf of UW Evans School EMPA Cohort 15

Amelia White

Duane White

Kirsti White

Rebecca White

Ray Whitlock

Norah & Jeff Whitmore

Tyler Whittier

Elizabeth Wicks

DJ Wieland Fund

Diane Wiener

Carla Wigen

Jacob Wilcox

Welles Wiley

Jennifer Wilkinson

Sarah Willgress

Barbara J. Williams

Fred and Mary Williams

Hillary Williams

Margo Williams

Nancy Williams

Steve Williams

Susan Williams

Theodore Williamson

Mary L. Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Willowmoor Foundation

Kristine & Patrick Wilson

Michael Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Samantha Winder

Sara Winnick

Cara Winter

Ellen Winton

Holly Wirth

Lacey Wisniewska

Lexis Withers

Robertson Witmer

Julie Wittrock

Stephen Wohl

Richard F. Wolf

Richard Wolf

Trisha Wolf

Daniel Wolfert

Benjamin Wolpaw

Sam Wolpert

Philip Womble

Women's Impact Network

Wong & Lee Family Giving Account

Ashley Wong

Casey Wong

Ethan & Tracy Wong

Michele Wong

Abby Wong-Heffter

Nathaniel Wong-Heffter

Mike Woo

James Wood

Jeff Wood

Rachel Wood

Duane Woods

Johnathan Woods

Sara and Ted Woolsey

Sabrina Wooten

Azeb Woreta

Emma Wrenn

Barbara A. Wright

Andrew Wright

Ian Wright

Janet Wright

Michael Wrobel on behalf of Long Live Sheed

Adrienne Wu

Zhaochen Wu

Zhaowen Wu

Ann Wunderlin

The Wyatt-Stone Family

Merrily Wyman

Mingyue Xie

Zhanwu Xiong

On behalf of Anna Xu, Aaron Bialer, John Luo, Kelly Wisneski, Laura Motard, Christopher Blair, Peirong Yang, Sarah Legowski, Noella James, Tamar Farchy, Mara Evans, Lan Liao, Miles Mahon, Jenny Sai, Brady Mathieson, Elaine Shen, Fen Wang, Megan Vandervest

Anna Xu

Li Xu

Maria Xu

Sherry Xu

Hilary Yacobucci

Hannah Yale

Leslie Yamada

Shang Yang

Barbara Yasui

Yates Stevenson Charitable Gift Fund

D. Yee

Jenny Yeh

Kuanling Yeh

Alexis Yelton

Liana Yie and Li-Jen Wang

Lee Ying

Joshua Yockey

Clair Yoder

Ikumi Yoshikawa

Asako Yoshimura

Catherine Young

Haward & Hiroko Young

YourCause, LLC

The Yous Family Charitable Fund

Chris Youtz

Lorraine Yu

Natalya Yudkovsky

Mona Yurk

Kara Yusi

Faraz Yusuf

Noah Zamler

Charles B. Zapata

Maja Zavaljevski

Iavor Zayn

Shaddy Zeineddine

Jennifer Zeisig

Audrey Zemke

Andy Zentner

Baosen Zhang

Bo Zhang

Mingliang Zhang

Jeff Zhao

Hailun Zhu

Dana Zhu

Tao Zhu

Emma Zimmerman

Joshua Zimmerman

Roy Zimmermann and Julie Bernstein

Conrad Zimney

Paul Zitarelli

Amanda Zoller

Jeffrey and Silva Zonder

Angela Zou

Richard Zucker

Zufall Family Foundation

Maria Zupan

Sally Zwartjes

Marvin Zwerin

Don Zwiers

Pro Delta Math Foundation