Strengthens economic, ecological and family resilience in Pacific Northwest communities

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The Craft3 Community Impact Investment Note (CIIN) provides investors with an opportunity to invest in great people doing great things throughout Washington and Oregon to positively impact their communities, while also earning a financial return on their investment. This is a revolving loan fund and 100 percent of Note proceeds are lent to Craft3 borrowers, including entrepreneurs, nonprofits, individuals and others who do not normally have access to financing. These investments help borrowers make their homes more energy efficient, start or expand a business to create jobs, or secure critical lands to preserve habitat and strengthen the economic, ecological and family resilience in the region. This is strongly aligned with Seattle Foundation's priorities in the areas of Economic Opportunity and Environment.

  Seattle Foundation has a long relationship with Craft3 and currently $1 million invested with them to provide small business loans for immigrant and minorities in South Seattle and South King County.  

Expanding on Seattle Foundation’s long history with Craft3, we are now offering the opportunity for philanthropists to participate directly using their Community Philanthropy Fund, Family/Personal Foundation or Corporate Foundation. Seattle Foundation’s goal is $500,000 for the CIIN and philanthropists may participate with a minimum investment of $25,000.

How does the Community Impact Investment Note (CIIN) work?
Investments through a Craft3 CIIN are combined with financial resources from other partners in a revolving loan fund to make loans to borrowers in low-income and underserved communities of Washington and Oregon. This maximizes Craft3’s investors’ impact by allowing their funds to be cycled through several loans during the investment term. Offered as unsecured, senior debt with general recourse to Craft3, the investment risk is not tied to a single loan, but rather spread out over an entire portfolio expertly managed by Craft3.

How does a Seattle Foundation philanthropist participate?
1. Recommend $25,000 or greater from your philanthropic fund
2. Stay up-to-date with annual reports on the social and environmental impact of the investment as well as the financial returns
3. At the end of the investment term, the principal is returned* to your philanthropic fund and may be used for grantmaking or another impact investment

About Craft 3

Craft3 is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) lender with a mission to strengthen economic, ecological and family resilience in Pacific Northwest communities. Craft3 provides loans to businesses, nonprofits and individuals, including those without access to traditional financing, and enhances financial resources with its expertise, networks and advocacy for their clients.

Craft3 manages over $175 million of capital raised from financial, corporate, philanthropic and religious institutions, government agencies and accredited individual investors that support their efforts to strengthen resilience in the Pacific Northwest.

With the support of investors, Craft3 has provided more than $423 million in financing to more than 5,000 people and businesses in Washington and Oregon through a wide variety of loan programs. Craft3’s average loan charge-off rate for the last three years is a low 1.68 percent, covered by a loan loss reserve. Craft3 maintains a 100 percent repayment history with all investors since inception.

Community Impact Investing Note Terms
- Term: 5 years
- Rate: 3%
- Repayment Schedule: interest paid annually; principal payable at maturity
- Position: Senior indebtedness
- Collateral: Unsecured

Learn about some recent Craft3 success stories (PDF)


June 30: A conference call to learn more and ask questions about this impact investment opportunity took place on Friday, June 30. Call participants included:

- Adam Zimmerman, President & CEO of Craft3
- Maggie Kirby, VP of Development, Craft3
- Michael Brown, VP of Community Programs, Seattle Foundation
- Jeanette Lodwig, General Counsel, Seattle Foundation
- Allison Parker, Director, Philanthropic Partnerships

If you would like to listen a recording of the conference call, please contact Jesus Carbajal at

October 9: Deadline to submit your recommendation form has passed.

Seattle Foundation philanthropists may request a copy of Craft 3’s CIIN offering memorandum or a summary of Seattle Foundation’s due diligence by contacting Allison Parker (206.515.2128 or email).

Allison Parker  For more information on getting started with impact investing, contact Allison Parker at 206.515.2128 or email 

*As with any investment there are risks and there is no guarantee that these assets will be returned to the Fund.