Legacy Philanthropy

Inspiring a passion for philanthropy in your children and grandchildren brings your family together and lays the foundation for an enduring philanthropic legacy.

Man and child

Legacy Philanthropy includes both bequests and planned gifts, such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. 
Managing more than $100 million in documented bequests to Seattle Foundation, our expert gift planning team is a valuable resource to advisors and partners in exploring the most impactful and tax-wise giving channels. Future gift planning is a powerful way to create a lasting legacy.

Ways to give beyond your lifetime

Partner with Seattle Foundation to steward your charitable assets through your estate plan. There are two ways to get started:


I. Bequests

Create a lasting legacy to maximize tax beneļ¬ts and support the causes and organizations you care about. Bequests are gifts made through your estate plan, which can include the transfer of various asset types. 

II. Planned Giving

Provide current cash flow while leaving a charitable legacy.

This gift is made through a charitable trust or other legal structure to accomplish your personal and philanthropic goals, and also may provide income and estate tax benefits.