A Conversation with Perigee Fund


Mother holding baby

A conversation with
Perigee Fund

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
2 – 3:00 p.m.

Join us for virtual conversation to learn alongside our partners at Perigee Fund and explore how philanthropy can invest at the local and national level to drive better outcomes for early development, mothers, and caregivers.

Pregnancy and an infant’s first few years of life is a time of immense change. Early relationships are the foundation of healthy early development and later life outcomes. All families during this time experience new sources of stress. Respect and resources are most essential for Black, Indigenous, and families of color who bear the additional weight of generational trauma, racism, and poverty. The supports and relationships around them help find a way through to joy, strength, healing, and connection.

Join us to learn how you can help Perigee Fund lead the way.

Space is limited. 


Lisa Mennet, PhD | Founder, Perigee Fund

Becca Graves | Executive Director, Perigee Fund 

Elizabeth Krause, ScM | Director, Perigee Fund

Kris Hermanns | Chief Impact Officer, Seattle Foundation


Lauren Domino | Director, Donor Stewardship & Engagement, Seattle Foundation

This event is in the past. For questions, please contact, Associate Advisor, June Liu at j.liu@seattlefoundation.org.