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PowerOf connects people who want to make a difference with organizations addressing the impacts of COVID-19. PowerOf has customized a page for All In WA so you can easily find the funds supporting the causes and communities you care about. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

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All in WA

All In WA is a coordinated statewide relief effort powered by a coalition of public officials, companies, philanthropic leaders, community foundations, United Way organizations, community leaders, frontline nonprofits, and individuals. These groups are coming together to provide immediate critical and emergency support for workers and families most affected across Washington State, and to mobilize committed community and philanthropic groups to go All In for WA.

Washington State was at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., and our state will be at the forefront of what it takes to support our communities, help those most at risk, and restart our economy in a safe and sustainable way. Be a part of a movement that is leading the way.

All In WA is bringing together individuals and organizations across the state to distribute immediate resources to those who are critically affected. The coalition is also laying the groundwork so workers and small businesses that make up our communities have the support they need to get up and running again.

The scale of the crisis is vast. Yet, the generosity and compassion of Washingtonians is greater. Your donations go directly to causes and communities, including those in need of housing assistance, small businesses, families and children, essential workers and more.