Bobby Skinner Memorial Youth Hockey Fund

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Helping young people of all life circumstances introduce and gain access to ice hockey through financial assistance, resources and support



Bobby Skinner was a young man of “grit” and perseverance. “Never Ever Give Up” guided his all-too short life. The son, and only child of Bob and Tricia Hughes Skinner, Bobby’s life was cut short at the young age of 22 due to an unfortunate accident involving gun violence. 

This Fund encourages young people to explore how ice hockey may positively alter their life path and help them pursue a long-term passion for it. Through the support of the Fund, young people demonstrating any life challenges and financial adversity can participate in a team or ice hockey camp. 

The Fund partners with Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association and Seattle Junior Hockey Association, and will direct grants through those 501(c)3 partner organizations. The Fund is not able to provide grants to individual students or applicants.