Seattle Foundation and Seattle International Foundation: Equipping and Supporting Womxn and Girls

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Seattle Foundation has a long history of supporting women-led organizations and organizations that serve women navigating systems that reinforce gender inequities. The Foundation has awarded millions in grants to nonprofits on the frontlines throughout our region, many of whom are recent Resilience Fund, Communities of Opportunity, Voter Education Fund, and Regional Census Fund grantees, including the following:

  • API Chaya provides support to people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage or human trafficking.
  • Cierra Sisters is an African American breast cancer survivor and support organization.
  • Eat with Muslims works with Muslim women to build their leadership through food, storytelling, and videography that share realistic narratives about Muslim communities in efforts to combat Islamophobia.
  • Maternal Coalition works directly with health systems, community health centers, insurers, and community-based organizations on improving outcomes for mothers through systematic change.
  • Mother Africa works directly with the African community to improve access to health, education, and safety.
  • Mujer al Volante supports low-income Latina women and mothers by helping them get driving permits. This critical support promotes their personal independence, financial sustainability, community engagement, and leadership.
  • Na'ah Illahee Fund is a native women-led organization that aims to support and promote the leadership of indigenous women and girls in the ongoing regeneration of indigenous communities.
  • Nurturing Roots is a Black woman-led community farming program focused on educating youth and community members on healthy food choices.
  • Surge Reproductive Justice works to advance racial and reproductive justice through community engagement, education, and policy advocacy by mobilizing communities. 
  • Refugee Women’s Alliance provides holistic services to help refugee and immigrant women and families thrive.
  • UTOPIA (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance) is a queer and trans people of color-led, grassroots organization that strives to create a safe, welcoming, supportive and vibrant space for community members to address overall wellness among members of the Pacific Islander LGBTQI community.

Seattle International Foundation: Women’s Right To Choose

Seattle International Foundation (SIF), supporting organization of Seattle Foundation, believes in the inherent dignity of all people and envisions just, peaceful, and prosperous societies in Central America.

SIF’s Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) supports organizations and movements for and led by youth working to defend human rights, specifically the rights of women, girls, and communities that have been historically oppressed.

In 2019, SIF co-organized the first Latin American convening of young women activists in favor of the right to choose. This event had more than 200 participants from across Latin America. Most importantly, SIF is working closely with local grantee partners, based in the region, and led by young activists. For example, Colectiva Amorales is dedicated to the support and protection of women’s rights in El Salvador, a country known for strict stance against a woman’s right to choose. Colectiva Amorales was recognized in 2019 by the Mesoamerican Initiative for Women Human Rights Defenders, for their activism and dedication to protect women’s rights, especially the right to choose. 

"The feminist movements open the window for social transformation within society as a whole. We do not fight against men, but [rather] the ideas and practices that position men as superiors,” said Morena Herrera, a globally recognized women’s rights leader and SIF partner featured at the 2019 Central America Donors Forum.

Seattle International Foundation is powered by:

75% women | 60% of the leadership team are women
60% are people of color – specifically from Latin America | 25% identify as LGBTQIA+

*The word “womxn” is a more inclusive term that promotes intersectionality. "Womxn" is designed to be more inclusive of people that identify within the gender of women and the ‘x’ allows space for individuals who identify as gender fluid, gender queer, gender non-conforming, or non-binary.