For Nonprofits

Can I get a grant from a donor advised fund?

Donors that have established charitable funds that make grants to nonprofit organizations based on their own areas of interest. Typically, these funds do not accept direct requests from individual nonprofit organizations. However, through our our in-depth consulting services to individual donors and their families we share our community knowledge with philanthropists and act as a matchmaker—connecting philanthropists to local nonprofit organizations.

When should my organization apply for a grant?

View our current grant opportunities page.

How does the Foundation communicate with nonprofits?

The best way to stay in touch with Seattle Foundation initiatives is to sign up for our newsletter, using the signup form at the footer of this website.

What can my nonprofit do to keep in touch and stay connected to Seattle Foundation?

Your nonprofit can engage in the following:

  1. Sign up for our mailing list by entering your email in the signup at the footer of this page.
  2. Visit our website to learn more about the programs we are operating and how to access them, including our current grant opportunities.
  3. Respond to staff requests for updates on your organization's work, which will inform our work with donor giving circles and philanthropist consulting.

What is the Center for Community Partnerships?

Seattle Foundation founded the Center for Community Partnerships to focus directly on targeted efforts to achieve greater racial and economic equity. Understanding that social problems are products of networks of cause and effect at a policy level, the Center focuses on advancing systems change as the most effective way to advance this goal. Neighbor to Neighbor, Communities of Opportunity and Vibrant Democracy Initiative all fall under the Center for Community Partnerships.

My organization just changed its name or changed its primary contact. How do I update information with Seattle Foundation?

Please share any organizational updates by emailing grantmaking@seattlefoundation.org. If you have legally changed your organization’s name, which will be reflected on your tax status as a 501(c)(3) organization, we can make the change in our records. We will require an updated copy of your 501(c)(3) determination letter that includes the new organization name.
You are also welcome to let us know any dba (doing business as) names for your organization, but this will not be reflected in checks or our other accounting. If your organization has undergone a leadership change, please send us the updated information of the primary contact for your organization (usually the executive director or board president.) 

What is a fiscal sponsor and how do I get one?

A fiscal sponsor is an organization with 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt status that agrees, in writing, to be responsible for the fiscal management of a particular program or project that does not have its own tax-exemption status with the IRS.

When apply for a Seattle Foundation grant, the fiscal sponsor needs to provide the required attachments as well as a letter signed by the executive director that indicates they are acting as the fiscal sponsor for the “sponsored” organization. This information must be submitted with the application attachments.

Seattle Foundation does not extensively fiscally sponsor organizations. To learn more about fiscal sponsorship and look for a sponsor, explore the National Council of Nonprofits' list of resources.

Why does the name of a fund appear on our organization's notification letter or grant record form?

Grants made through Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program are supported by a variety of funds—including unrestricted funds, area of interest funds, and partnerships with donors. Many of these funds were established through wills and bequests, and are endowed to fulfill the donor intentions over time through our Grantmaking Program.

Why don't I receive email messages from you about upcoming nonprofit events?

If you do not receive emails from us and would like to, please email grantmaking@seattlefoundation.org. Also, you may want to check with your IT department to make sure that your organization accepts emails from @seattlefoundation.org. They may be blocked or could be going into your junk email folder.